Dr. Mehmet Oz is now the daytime talk show host who comfortably slid into Oprah’s 4 p.m. time slot after Winfrey left network television last month. And this week marks the official launch of YouBeauty, a new website that Oz developed with Dr. Michael Roizen based on the idea that beauty can actually be the key to ultimate health. It’s a unique Web concept: You take a series of quizzes that measure everything from individual happiness, stress, and physical activity levels to skin and hair quality and facial symmetry to help you arrive at your “YouQ.” Once you’ve determined said YouQ, you’re encouraged to reach your “full beauty potential” through “personalized action steps,” which are delivered daily to your inbox. Chatting with the “YouTalk” community is also encouraged, as is a little friendly competition (you can compare your own progress to other quiz-takers.) I'm pretty excited to explore more this online beauty source. Oz' book You:  Being Beautiful has thought me a lot both in theory and practice. I'm quite sure his new website will do the same.

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