YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty is the follow-up book to Roizen and Oz's current bestseller YOU: Staying Young. The book gives a holistic approach to beauty as it targets three dimensions of beauty: looking beautiful, feeling beautiful and being beautiful. I've got this for myself in 2008 but didn't really have the chance to open it until yesterday when I was looking for a book to start after finishing my last fiction.

As described by Amazon:

"In this book, Dr. Michael F. Roizen and Dr. Mehmet C. Oz bust the myths and stereotypes about the way we view ourselves -- and how we define beauty. You'll find out why beauty isn't as much about your vanity as it is about your humanity. The doctors take a scientific, informative, and entertaining look at the three levels of beauty and explain how they all work together to form a complete and authentic "you". Those three levels of beauty, as enumerated by the book, are: 

Looking Beautiful: Your appearance influences your self-esteem and has major health implications. Here, the docs will tell you how you can look the way you want.
Feeling Beautiful: So what if you have luscious lips or gorgeous locks if your joints creak and you have the energy of a rug? The docs will tell you how to improve your energy levels, beat back your life-altering aches and pains, and come to grips with some of life's toughest stresses.
Being Beautiful: By improving your relationships with your loved ones as well as with others, you'll be well on your way to finding true happiness. That's the ultimate goal: Having all three levels of beauty working together so you can have a happy and healthy life."

I can't really give a wise review about the book yet. It's pretty thick and I don't think I would finish reading it in a couple of sittings. However, I'm liking the first few pages of the book especially the part where I took the revealing YOU-Q Test that helps readers assess where they are on their own beauty scale and where they want to be. Scanning through the table of content and scanning through the pages, it seems like the authors went through every part of the body to explain how different foods, vitamins, creams, gels, and injections affect our beauty. The book promises to explain how little adjustments in your routine can help you become a happier, healthier person, which in turn determines how beautiful you can truly be.

I got my copy in Fully Booked at P799.00 but that was back in 2008. US retails it at around $18.00.