I've never been one who's a loyal on a certain brand when it comes to beauty products. As a beauty blogger, it is my job to try out new (and even strange) products on the shelves, may it be a drugstore find or one exclusively sold at Nordstrom. However, for three months now, I can't seem to shift away from my bathroom body goodies, dare I say staples (a non-existent word in my vocabulary).  When Olay introduced its Age Defying bar claiming that we all can look and feel young in just 7 showers, I knew I had to try it. I've been using various liquid bath cleansers for a time and felt that I already had forgotten how a bar soap feels.

Unlike regular soaps, Olay Age Defying bar has nourishing moisturizers. I needed that since (err, I gotta admit) I'm very lazy putting on body moisturizers such as lotion. A layer of product coupled with Manila's humidity makes my skin feel clogged. It took me a week to feel the difference the bar soap does. It left my skin with minimal moisture as compared to other regular soaps that just leaves my skin clean. That, I guess, is the downside of this bar. You wouldn't really get that squeaky clean feel you normally get from other soaps. It also melts easily after a couple of use that at one point, I felt that I'm using cream cleanser rather than a solid bar.

Two weeks after getting myself Olay Age Defying bar, I was able to discover another Olay bath product -- Olay Age Defying In-Shower Body Lotion. This, by far, is my best beauty product discovery this 2010! I cannot believe that for over 20 years, only now did a beauty company create such a revolutionary product! Basically, it does what a lotion does but it's rinse-off. You apply it after cleansing your body, right in the shower, while your body is still all wet. The concept is to quench your skin at a time when it can absorb moisture the best (while you're skin is damp and porous). Instantly after my first use, I felt my skin smoother and silkier. After 5 days, my dry patches were almost gone! I am a testimony that not only does it fight dryness, but it also revealed younger-looking skin. I never used lotion again (except at night when I get more AC exposure) after discovering what this product can do. I feel moisturized all day without the stickiness of lotion. Bonus: Even if this is a rinse-off product, it still leaves the skin hints of shimmer to highlight your entire body after you've toweled yourself dry. This product gets my 5 stars (and oh, the highest I gave is a 4.5 because I never thought a perfect product exists). For now and for a long long time, Olay goes with me everytime I shower.

Use these two products in conjunction and I assure you in just a week, you can say goodbye to dull, lackluster, dry skin.

Olay Age Defying Bar is available nationwide at P45.00 per single bar and Olay Age Defying In-Shower Body Lotion is available in Duty Free Philippines at approximately $21.00 US for a 450ml bottle.