Every girl has more than one make-up kit. Three seems to be the average for us ladies. Last week, a friend was going through my purse insisting that she wants to see what beauty loot I have in there (more on this in my next blog entry). And since it seems to be the number question “What make-up do you use, Dior?” of my clients and readers alike, I'm finally posting an entry on it. 

As I said, no woman is satisfied with just one kikay kit. Today, let me show you what’s in my personal make-up kit – the one I use for my everyday makeup. It’s always evolving, but as of today, this is what I currently keep. As for those who are more interested to see what I tag along with me in my purse, that’s coming up in my next entry. 

1. Shu Uemura Portable Make-up Brushes 
For a make-up artist, you’d probably think I’d have more than these for personal use. Truth be told, I hate using brushes on my face. I like how the warmth of my fingers melt the texture of liquid foundation and concealer. As for powder makeup, I like using fluffy brushes for easier blending. I love how portable this make-up brush set is -- and it's red, it's so me! It’s a gift from my godmother from Christmas of 2010, a limited edition from Shu Uemura. 

2. Philosophy The Supernatural
    Majolica Majorca Pore Refining Powder

I like having two shades of base make-up around. I easy tan and get fair quick too so its handy to have at least 2 shades to match my tone anytime. I already reviewed The Supernatural, you can check out here why I am in love with it! As for MJ’s powder, it’s one of the affordable yet high-performing powders we have in the market. Not to mention it's enclosed in a gold and white compact, my favorite color combination! One swipe and you get enough coverage perfect for everyday use. I sometimes skip concealer when using this. 

3. Shu Uemura Face Architect Liquid Foundation
I’ve been using this for five years now and never have I found anything that fits me better. It’s lightweight and the shades are exact matches for Asian skintones. I use this whenever I feel I need a heavier coverage. 

4. Benefit Erase Paste
I’m blessed to not have huge eyebags or dark undereye circles. But there are sleepless nights and this salmon-toned concealer cancels out any discoloration I might have under my eyes. Click here for my photo wearing this concealer.

5. Koh Gen Doh Concealer Kit
As I said, our skin changes its shade frequently. It’s nice to have a concealer kit that has three shades you can mix. KGD’s mineral formula gives me peace of mind that what I’m using to cover my blemishes or pimples won’t further clog or irritate my pores.

6. NARS Blush in Orgasm
Probably the most overrated blush you’d think, but this blush never disappoints! It gives skin a certain natural glow that’s difficult to achieve with other blushes. 

7. Guerlain Meteorites
I use this alternately with my NARS Orgasm. I do have days when I just don’t like to wear blush, especially that time of the month when blemishes start to show. Blushes tend to make imperfections look more obvious. But then I’d still need a bit of color to look alive, and this does the job. A review on this highlighter blush here.

8. Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder
With my squarish round face shape, I need a good bronzer for contouring the fleshy parts of my face. It’s been a pain looking for the perfect one – matte and not orangey at all. Hoola’s the only one that passed the test! Click here for my photo wearing this bronzer.

9. Benefit Cha Cha Tint
For those days when I don’t have time to prep my face anymore, I use Cha Cha tint on my lips and cheeks for instant color and glow. I’m not a fan of pink so this mango shade is just perfect. And unlike most tints in the market, this is super blendable!

10. NARS Multiple Stick in Copacabana
I rarely use this but it’s my number one go to product when attending an evening affair. This illuminator catches the light just where you apply it. I like dabbing it on my cheek bones and brow bone. Looks so good in pictures!

11. Majolica Majorca Lash King

I’ve been a Dior Show mascara fan for like forever. But since you can only keep mascara for 3-4 months upon opening it, it’s impractical to get 4 tubes of it annually. So I was in the hunt for more affordable mascara when I noticed that there’s been a craze on mascaras that has fibers to further thicken lashes. MJ Lash King has been one of my best buys so far this 2012. Check out my review on it here.

12. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner
It’s the newest addition to my kit and I feel it’s going to be a staple! Smudge-proof and long-lasting, you can wear this even when working out. My review on it here

13. Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners
It seems to be that most chinitas’ nemesis are smudged eye makeup! Everytime I’m doing makeup for a Chinese client, their main concern is making their eyes look bigger. And the easiest way to achieve that is to apply eyeliner. But another problem poses: Since most Chinese eyes have no fold (or crease), the top eyelid is in constant contact with the lower eye area that causes liners to smudge. Imagine the relief I felt when Make Up For Ever launched its Aqua line! I got crazy, getting myself their limited edition 25 aqua liners. And only for me to use! As for my clients, I got about just 6 neutral colors. See my first review about this collection here.

14. Lipsticks and Glosses

Being the fastest selling makeup product globally, no wonder any girl would have an exaggerated amount of lipcolors in their stash. They say changing lipstick is like changing underwear. A different color on a different day!

15. Benefit Bathina
To highlight my collarbone, arms and legs, I apply Bathina after lotion to make my skin glow. I like mixing it with oil too when I dare be daring! 

I didn't include anymore the skincare products I use prior to makeup application. I might just write a new post on that separately. You might also wonder why there are no eyeshadows. I'm not a fan of putting color on my eyes as I feel it makes me look too made-up. And whenever I feel I need a tad bit of color, I just swipe any of my illuminators or blushes on my lids.

Stay tuned for my next blog entry on what beauty products I bring with me in my purse. It's quite surprising actually! 
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