Word is spreading around the blogosphere about Victoria Beckham’s new cover spread for the May issue of Vogue Germany. The conversation mostly surrounds a rather racy image of VB straddling a duck-shaped playground figurine. I, of course, am more concerned with a few particularly noteworthy beauty tricks, courtesy of face painter Fulvia Farolfi and manicurist-to-the-stars Tom Bachik. To properly give Posh the dark, seductive quality appropriate for women who scandalize children’s toys, Farolfi went with a squared-off, filled-in black brow, and a smudged onyx liner that she applied close to Beckham’s lash line and pulled out to a flick on the outside corners of her eyes. Heavy helpings of mascara finished off that come-hither stare. Farolfi also administered a bronzed, sculpted cheek that she extended across Beckham’s nose for a sun-kissed glow that offset the potential for any goth implications. As for Bachik and Beckham’s nails, it had to be a creamy black lacquer, but not just any creamy black lacquer— MAC's Blacker Than Black Nocturnelle, which he applied with a few extra layers of top coat for a high-gloss shine. I kind of loving everything about this look!