Year after year, the wedding industry evolves. Some decades ago, wedding SDEs, prenuptial shoots and more so post-nuptial shoots are something the past generation wedded without. I always notice parents of my brides complain why couples suddenly need these for just a wedding. Then last year, the trend towards wide panels LED screens emerged, making projectors a thing of the past.

This 2015, I’m noticing a new trend towards attention shifting more to the grooms than it ever did before. Some say weddings are for the brides, the grooms just show up. But not anymore in this day and age. And I personally think it is about time they get the same attention we brides get.

Even I admit that in my wedding packages, the focus is on the makeup and hairstyling of the bride. My basic bridal package says “Bridal airbrush makeup + FREE grooming for the groom.” And compared to my bride whom I spend hours beautifying, I spend ten minutes tops grooming my grooms.

So thank heavens to the men behind The Spoiled Groom, a bespoke and elaborate grooming ritual for the groom-to-be on the wedding day, right inside his hotel room.

“They say marriage is about falling in love with the same person over and over again. It's best to start it the right way. Even if there's no such thing as the perfect man, you can at least be a perfectly groomed gentleman on your wedding day. The Spoiled Groom will bring expert services right to your hotel room. For the most bad-ass and dapper grooms in town.” – The Spoiled Groom 

Their packages range from straightforward trim/shave/singe and groom up to one that’s complete with their signature treatments and massages. Imagine having this moment get captured and included in your SDEs. There is nothing more bad-ass than a groom being professionally spruced-up on his wedding day. 

Or if weddings aren’t in your plans yet, you can still be bad-ass and dapper anytime by visiting The Union Station Barber. This is not your typical barbershop for men who were "modern" some 40 years ago. And even if salons offer haircuts for men, they’re still geared towards women’s needs. This is why The Union Station Barbershop was erected. From expert cuts to other treatments like singeing, facials, massages and even “manlycures”, you’d surely come back for another session. 

My very own spoiled groom!

As Union Station promises, it all starts with a great haircut experience that can lead to many things. Everything’s in the detail.

The Union Station Barber is located at 2/F The Link, Glorietta, Makati City, Philippines. You may contact them at +639174815000. For more info, visit their website and follow them on IG: @thespoiledgroom @theunionstationbarber