Tom Pecheux has always been one of my favorite makeup artists. There’s his soft-spoken French accent and his perfectly calm, collected, and kind demeanor during the craziness that is fashion week, but what really gets me is his expert ability to paint faces in a natural and beautiful way. There’s also something cool about the fact that despite his early links to Shiseido, he’s been answering to no one for the past few seasons. While his equally renowned peers snatched up creative director titles with big brands like P&G, Pecheux has been working with weapons from his own arsenal of favorites backstage, rather than a regimented selection of brand-specific cosmetics. But it appears as though the corporate sponsors have come a-calling again. Today Pecheux has gotten what is perhaps the biggest prize of all and has been named Creative Makeup Director for Estée Lauder. Charged with artistic direction for the next generation of its makeup, Pecheux will likely bring a new, edgier approach to Lauder’s color collections, as well as a soupçon of Parisian glamour.