Each October, hundreds, if not thousands, of products are emblazoned with pink ribbons, colored pink, or otherwise sold with a promise of a small portion of the total cost being donated to support breast cancer awareness or research. You can support the cause by, well, shopping. In my case, since there are only a few beauty companies launching breast cancer awareness products in our country (US has dozens of cosmetic giants promoting products for the cause this month like Avon, Revlon, Aveda and so on), I try to wear as much pink. And those of you who know me knows just how rarely I wear pink. Not that I have anything against the color, but I'm not just the girly girl type who fluffs around in the most feminine hue in the world.

This year, I decided to rock pink by painting my nails (OPI in Strawberry Margarita) in a shade closest to that of the breast cancer ribbon. I got this OPI nail laquer in Tokyo, Japan last last April at around ¥1,000 or rougly ₱520.00.

How do you support and stand up for breast cancer this October?