When the hosts of CBS’s “The Talk” announced they were going to be on air for their season 3 premiere without makeup, people speculated it was just a gimmick. I first heard of this when Julie Chen, one of the hosts, guested on Letterman's Late Show. The five hosts made a dramatic entrance last Monday with their undone faces, wrapped in plush white towels or terry robes. No makeup, no wigs, no hair weaves. So did the studio audience and all of the guests, including actress and author Jamie Lee Curtis, who made news 10 years ago when she posed for “More” magazine without benefit of makeup or airbrushing. 


People had different comments, some nice and some really harsh, on the 'au naturale' looks of Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood. I honestly saw a huge difference when they all made the grand entrance without makeup on. However, my admiration for these women didn't lessen a bit. I'd even say that they looked more beautiful, risking sounding fake given my chosen profession. I myself was surprised on how I reacted on this certain episode. I've been watching The Talk since their season 2 and they've never looked as fresh and free. It showed on how they glowed in this episode. 

It shocked me how some commenters had such negative words to say about how the hosts looked like without cosmetics on. But it was nice to read positive feedback and tweets, most having the same sentiments as me. On another note, it strikes me as a sad statement that going without makeup makes headlines or provides the theme for a "revolutionary" episode of television. We ladies certainly seem dependent on our powder and paint, as cited in my a blog entry I posted last year.

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