I've just heard news this week that many Western women have recently started seeking out Japanese cosmetics for the products' superior quality to that of American and European brands — even when it comes to the cheapest drugstore finds. 
“It’s a bit of a stereotype that Japanese makeup is all about the white face and over-the-top mascara,” said Rowena Fan, 28, an England-based online marketer who also blogs at cosmetic-candy.com. “If anything it’s about healthy flawless skin, glossy lips and natural eye makeup.” 

I think the trend of favoring Japanese brands to Western brands have long been here in Manila. Not only do Japanese brands prove to be of better quality, but the products they innovate cater to our facial features such as small eyelids, rounder face shapes and yellow skintones.

Fortunately for us, we don't need to fly four hours to Tokyo and Osaka to get these. Shu Uemura, Shiseido and Kanebo have long been in our country with a bonus of having sales people who can actually help and advise us what products to get. Much focus has already been given to these brands so let me just skip and go to the not-so-advertised drug-store brands that are now newly available in Manila.


Inspired by the desire to enhance her eyes both on and off camera, a Japanese TV personality created Fairydrops, a mascara that features a unique wand and luxurious formula that work together to create dramatic, doll-like effects. Now one of Japan's best-selling mascaras with a beyond-loyal following, Fairydrops' conditioning ingredients, colorful packaging, and unique, patented technology is now available in the Philippines.

Volume Burst Mascara (P950.00)

This mascara is meant to create doll-like lashes that are thick at the bottom and sharp at the ends via its unique three teardrop brush and formula containing volumizing powder, wax and fiber. 

With its unique three teardrop-shaped brush, it catches the tiniest of lashes from roots up to create sharp triangular bunches. 

I tested the both the regular and waterproof formula. The only difference was that the regular one was easier to remove with just water and cleanser while I needed an oil-based eye makeup remover for the waterproof formula. Both gave me an all-day curl and didn't smudge throughout the day. What I love about this is that my lashes remained soft to touch even after two coatings!
Sharp triangular bunches of lashes for big photogenic eyes using Volume Burst Mascara; 
Eyebrows coated with Dariya Palty Eyebrow Mascara in Natural Brown (currently only available in Japan)

Candy Bar BB Cream (P1,550.00)

While not a fan of BB creams because of the usual white cast when photographed, I dare tried Fairydrops' version as it promised to make skin flawless sans the ghostly cast. The oil-free formula was lightweight despite boasting having five kinds of essences to moisturize and keep skin glowing. 

Candy Bar BB Cream in Light Ochre

L: Bare skin; R: With a layer of Candy Bar BB Cream.

Notice that the back of my hand with the BB Cream has less noticeable freckles or sun spots thanks to the micro-gold pearls in the formula that diffuses light to hide scars and imperfections.

My face with a layer of Candy Bar BB Cream,
dusted with Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder to set (also available in Manila)


I don't know how many times I've featured K-Palette here and here in my blog, but for those of you avid followers, you know it's one of my cult favorites! Now it has launched two more products to add to its line.

K-Palette Micro Eyeliner (P895.00)

The impressive super micro thin brush is perfect to draw the thinnest possible eyeliner and to dot the gaps between lashes! It's also smudge- and waterproof like the regular Real Lasting Eyeliner.

A comparison of brush size. The micro liner is just 0.05mm in diameter!
Top left: Micro Eyeliner; Bottom Right: Regular Real Lasting Eyeliner

No eyemakeup except for the thinnest possible line I can draw using the Micro Eyeliner

K-Palette 1 Day Lash Perm (P895.00)

The bow-shaped brush was innovated to reach roots of the lashes and the inner corners of the eyes easily. 

This mascara promises long-lasting curls throughout the day. I was really excited to roadtest it, but it didn't give out the results I expected. It did lengthen my lashes and proved to be clump-free but as you can see below, my lashes failed to curl. Note that I already used my Shu Uemura lash curler before applying this mascara. 

Wearing Micro Eyeliner in Jet Black and Lash Perm Mascara. My lashes were elongated but lacked curl and volume. 

Photo taken after my yoga class, wearing both K-Palette's Micro Eyeliner and Lash Perm Mascara, trusting they won't smudge. And yes, I was smudge-free even after 75 minutes of yoga!

Fairydrops and K-Palette are both available in all Beauty Bar outlets nationwide.