I notice that almost everybody has an issue with their own natural brows. Either they’re too thick or too sparse or too thin. My pair of brows has always been thick, so my challenge was on shaping it the right way but still keeping them natural-looking.

The best brow line is one that is unobtrusive to the overall make-up and that complements the face. There have been lots of blog posts already on how to achieve the perfect shape, so I’d just skip that and discuss another consideration that can break or make your brows -- Selecting brow color that matches the color of the head hair for the eyebrows.

Rule of thumb is, your eyebrow color should be exactly the same shade as your head hair color, or a shade lighter.

This has been my most recent dilemma as I’ve decided to have my hair highlighted every 3 months since the start of the year. Usually, salons would comply if you ask them to bleach your brows lighter to match the hair color you’re getting. Unfortunately, I like to DIY everything and that includes my own hair color and highlights. I also bleach my brows lighter accordingly but regrowth comes in just less than 6 weeks. So what do I do in between retouches? I use a tinted brow gel or mascara. So far, my favorite has been Majolica Majorca’s Brow and Lash Colorist in BR333 Vanilla Brown, a limited edition shade that came out with it’s newest collection Psychedelicious.

Majolica Majorca’s Brow and Lash Colorist

The tone and shade perfectly matched my current hair color! Not only does it temporarily color my brows, but it also grooms them in place. And as a bonus, since it’s tinted, it also does a good job in filling in sparse areas “accidentally” when I run the wand through my brow hairs. Upon application, it doesn't clump but the waterproof formula keeps brows in place. It resists sweat and sebum, even tears if you choose to apply this on your lashes instead of your brows. It's also available in BR555 Maroon Brown, a darker reddish shade for those of you redheads. This amazing mascara retails for P595.00.

L: with MJ Brow Colorist in BR333, R: Bare brows. Big difference! 

Now you may ask, how about for us who have no hair to start with? 

Your best bet would be an eyebrow pencil or pen. A forever favorite of mine is Shu Uemura’s retractable brow liner in seal brown. I noticed that it blends and looks natural on those who have dark hair color. The trick is being light-handed when drawing. But as with most formulas, this too has the tendency to fade and doesn’t go well with those who have lighter hair. 

And then K-Palette came along the picture and it has been easier than ever to “draw” eyebrow shapes without making them look off or "too matapang" for us with lighter hair colors. Read my review on this amazing pen here
K-Palette Two-Way Brow Liner

They just launched their newest addition to help us tame our brows, a two-way brow liner that comes with an additional powder tip to enhance brows even more naturally (same liquid eyebrow liner as the K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner + powder tip). Use the liquid tip for the outer eyebrows and the powder tip for the inner eyebrows to get the most natural shape -- tapering off towards the end. It's still water-resistant and long-lasting and available in 01 Chocolate Brown for those with darker hair color and 02 Honey Brown for those with a lighter hair color like me. Note that these 2 shades are not the same as the K- Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liners I reviewed here. Good thing is, K- Palette users can choose from a total of 4 shades for their eyebrow liners. Note also that this is one is more expensive at P1,050.00 as compared to the previous ones at P895.00. 

Swatches of 02 Honey Brown 

Wearing Two-way Brow Liner in Honey Brown. See how my brows perfectly matched my highlighted hair!