Drink water. Lots of it. It's always been one of the top advices of people with beautiful skin. Turned out they weren't lying. Just last week, H2O Plus was made available to the Philippine market upon the opening of the newest mall in town, SM Aura Premier.

Headquartered in the USA, H2O Plus, develops and manufactures marine-based skin care products for the face and body. The brand has evolved their deep-sea discovery into an innovative skincare range by carefully combining select marine botanicals in water-based formulas made to heal, protect and renew the skin. 

In our country where humidity is inevitable, we almost always want to skip moisturizer. I was even ordered by my dermatologist to stop using moisturizer for awhile when I start to get unexplained breakouts and pimples. You see, most of the moisturizers in the market today are heavy and cream-based. H2O redefines this industry standard and came up with light and oil-free ones that has skin-balancing and oil-management systems that hydrates without the heaviness of a typical moisturizer.

I was able to try out some of their best-selling products and here are my thoughts:

Face Oasis Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser (P1,750.00 120 ml)

This oil-free deep fruity cleanser revitalizes and refines the skin. Instantly you'd feel that it gently strips away dull surface cells, leaving skin luminous without irritating it. This also prepares the skin to receive treatments and helps absorb moisture. It's best to use this twice or thrice a week to fasten skin turn-over.

Aquafirm+ Micro-Collagen Moisturizer (P3,500.00 50ml)

This silky firming cream has marine microspheres that deeply penetrate the skin’s surface and swell with the body’s natural moisture to immediately plump the appearance of fine lines from within. It visibly fights fine lines and loss of firmness with collagen-boosting moisture for a micro-lifting effect.

Sea Results Eye Mender Plus (P2,590.00 15 ml)

This rejuvenating contour cream is proven to decrease wrinkle depth by 22% decrease in wrinkle depth and 19% increase in skin firmness within 28 days of continued use. I noticed a reduction of under-eye puffiness after one of use and experienced hydration on the area. It's very effective in calming and soothing the stressed eye area after a long day.

Dual-Action Eye Makeup Remover (P1,330.00 12ml)

I'm very cautious when choosing an eye makeup remover as my eyes are very sensitive. It can't be avoided that some of the remover gets in the eyes when removing makeup especially liner and mascara so it's very important to choose one that is gentle and non-irritating. This dual-action cleanser is formulated specifically for the sensitive eye area and effortlessly dissolves and lifts away stubborn makeup. It cleanses gently but effectively. It's even safe for contact lens wearers and also naturally conditions lashes. 

Get samples of these four best-sellers worth P2,800.00 and discover H2O Plus yourself with a minimum purchase of P6,500.00.

H2O Plus is currently available in SM Aura Premier Department Store. Follow H2O Plus on
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @H2OPlusPH for more details.

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