“If there’s one beauty product you can’t live without, what would it be?” This seems to be the worst question any beauty junkie can ever be asked of, but to me it isn’t. My clients always ask what skincare routine they should follow to achieve good skin. Once I start with my speech, they stop me right there and then to say, “but I’m too tamad for all that.” So I tell them, “skip all of that if you must, but never ever ditch your sunblock.”

So for someone who cannot live without sunblock, I’m always on the lookout for the next multi-purpose product that comes with high SPF. I know there’s lots of moisturizers in the market today that comes with sunscreen, but I’m not risking getting sun spots and dark patches on my skin with their low SPFs. Lucky for me, one October morning in 2009, while having brunch with a friend, I was introduced to the best sunblock I’ve ever used (and still is using everyday).

Meet Skin Within Sun Protect & Repair SPF 40, the sunblock that had everything I was looking for. Here’s why it’s perfect:

• It’s non-greasy! The number one issue we all have with regular sunblocks is that they’re sticky and they don’t feel comfortable especially in Manila’s humid climate! 
• It has a slight tint that gives sheer coverage. I don’t need to put foundations on normal days.
• It has a satin feel and matte finish. I use it as a make-up base on days when I feel like putting on more make-up on my face.
• It’s actually an anti-aging product aside from being a sunblock, restoring the skin from previous damages caused by the sun.
• SPF content is high at 40.
• It has hyaluronic acid, which is known for its ability to bind moisture the most. 

Tint closely resembles to ocre shade (light yellow beige)

Right: With Skin Within Sun Protect & Repair ; Left: Without Skin Within

The only problem others might encounter with the product is that it only comes in one shade, which is very typical for skincare products sold in derma clinics. But! Skin Within also has a clear 'untinted' alternative, which comes in a higher SPF: Skin Within Sun Defend & Restore SPF 45+. So you get the same benefits sans the tint.

I'm truly satisfied with this product. So satisfied that I'm currently not in the hunt for the next big thing on sunblocks. Since Skin Within, I stopped layering and slathering foundation over sunblock over moisturizer over skin treatment daily. Clearly, my prep time was cut by more than half!

Visit www.jeunessemanila.com or contact Jeunesse Dermaceutical at 02-6723599 for price and distribution details of Skin Within products.

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