I always find myself mixing two to three lipstick shades to achieve a perfect I'm in the mood for, despite having more than 50 lipsticks in my stack-pile in my make-up arsenal. It just seems to be impossible to find the perfect shade of lipstick I want in a tube! But, as my Spring make-up newest find would prove, it still is possible. Guerlain Galia (#3) Rouge G Lipstick is a pink-beige nude lipstick with a creamy, lightly glossy look. It has no real detectable shimmer, but it has this soft sheen that makes it look like you’re almost wearing a gloss but not quite. I found this to be a hard-to-describe color, just because it’s not quite a nude yet it’s not beige nor pink nor peach. It’s like a triple threat combo!  Rouge G lipsticks are soft, creamy, and wear beautifully with a solid four to six hours of wear and always feel lightweight while giving full color coverage.  They are, however, scented with a sweet strawberry-ish scent (more subtle than the typical Guerlain lip color scent). Since I highlighted my hair with warm tones of brown and beige, it's only proper to top off the look with a bronzed and nude make-up. This one is just perfect to finish that off, without looking too pale. Thanks to the pinkish hue it gives.