I’ve been an avid fan of Philosophy since I was in college. Hope in a Jar, one of its most famous products, was my go-to moisturizer at 18. My friends used to question why I need ‘hope in a jar’ at such a young age. All I can remember was that I was freaking out when I reached 18 and thought my skin would benefit all the needed help it can get to maintain what it once was then. Prevention is better than cure!

Recently, Philosophy opened its first boutique in SM Megamall Fashion Hall, after just being available in Beauty Bar outlets for years now. And together with their new opening, are two product launches I’m excited to talk about.

Time In A Bottle

How does one transforms skin from the inside? By targeting the source of aging: your skin's DNA unlike other serums, time in a bottle goes beyond just treating the signs of aging and targets the source. Time in a bottle's DNA renewal complex helps promote skin’s natural renewal and protection processes and its high-potency vitamin c8 activator works in synergy to help protect from skin-aging environmental aggressors.

Address the appearance of major signs of aging with this revolutionary antiaging serum that reduces visible signs of aging and damage not yet visible on the surface. This formula features a breakthrough DNA renewal complex that supports healthy DNA function by helping to promote skin's natural renewal and protection processes. It also features a high-potency vitamin c8 activator that works in synergy to help protect from skin-aging environmental aggressors and further DNA damage. 

The unique, fresh-pour system triggers the highest level of activity and potency by mixing the serum and activator prior to first use. It's a must-have for any skin type at any age to help skin appear radiant, poreless, even, wrinkle-free, smooth, and firm.

The result? Skin that’s more radiant, poreless, even, wrinkle-free, smooth, and firm. clinically tested on women ages 25-55*, 82% showed improvement in signs of aging not yet visible on the surface after 4 weeks; 95% showed significant reduction in visible signs of aging after 8 weeks.

Brighten My Day

Philosophy introduces brighten my day, the ultimate solution designed not only to diminish dark spots, but also redness and pores, all the troubling skin imperfections that take the focus away from your ideal skin. If you want a glow that beams from within, this is the product for you.

More than 10 in facts, thanks to their 10.3.3 complex. This breakthrough 10.3.3 brightening and perfecting complex treats your skin to gold standard ingredients in a powerful high-potency formula. 10 complementary actions on pigmentation: significantly reduce dark spots and brighten skin tone. The 3 combined effects on pores visibily improves enlarged and darkened pores aspects. Plus it also helps alleviate skin redness from previous and present irritation.