When Myra 400E publicly announced and launched it’s new endorser last March 18 at Thaipan restaurant, it is of no surprise that they chose someone talented, dedicated and beautiful both inside and out. For years, Myra’s objective has always been about bringing out beauty that is more than just skin deep. And who else can reflect what the brand stands for but the admirable Iza Calzado, who’s ever so blooming especially at the event.


Hosted by the fun and gorgeous Sam Oh, the event was swarmed with people from the media, eager to hear Iza talk about her current state – the booming career, the healthy lifestyle and her new-found glow. 

The actress spends most of her time now working, shooting, taping, recording or rehearsing. It’s a mystery how one woman who busies herself with so much can still maintain to look naturally glowing. When asked what her secret is, she said, “You know, it’s pretty hard getting to where I am now and even so I’m still pushing myself to achieve more. As I continuously work to improve myself, Myra 400E has been helping me along the way. Being the no. 1 vitamin for women, Myra never failed me when I entrusted my health and well-being to it. I am very proud to be the new ambassador of a brand that shares the same vision – to advocate beauty that comes from within.” Iza was referring to Myra 400E capsules that contains vitamin E, a beauty antioxidant that repairs and renews cell. "What makes Myra 400E different from other supplements in the market is that it stays in our bodies longer because all of the ingredients in each capsule you take is all-natural. The body absorbs it more, removing toxins day and night, making the glow last longer,” Iza clarified.

Iza really looked "in bloom" in a Luca floral dress and Charlotte Olympia pumps.

The media was given a chance to get more tips from Iza. We, bloggers, were fortunate enough to be given a chance to have a separate interview with her. Here’s some more dibs on the very approachable Iza.

 Do you see us vultures taking multiple shots of Iza's pretty face?
Tin: What other beauty tips can you share with us?
Iza: Aside from taking Myra 400E everyday, I work out regularly. Endorphins make you happier and when you’re happier, you’re less cranky. I think your system understands happiness and your skin and body reflects it. Also take lots of water, eat healthy and minimize sun exposure. 

Kisty: What’s your favorite work-out and how much do you exercise?
Iza: I personally like the Kettlebell work-out. I try to exercise whenever I can.

Frances: You’re a very busy woman. How do you find the time to work-out and take care of yourself?
Iza: Prioritize. You can have a lot of things going in your life but if you really are committed to do it, you will find the time for it. I prioritize my well-being first before anything so I try to work my schedule around my work-outs. The problem with some people is that they haven’t even started and they already say that they can’t. You can do push-ups anywhere, run anywhere. See, you don’t even need the gym!

Phoebe: How do you deal with stress?
Iza: I like to run. Working out really makes me happy. I also do have a loving boyfriend. I give myself time to relax like indulging in massages, getting my nails done, taking short vacations and even just watching movies. I’m also just a regular girl after all.

Frances: What are the changes you noticed after taking Myra 400E?
Iza: I really didn’t see it but sabi nalang nila, blooming daw ako. I became more confident hearing people say they saw a change.

Dior: Can you share with us some of your make-up essentials?
Iza: I’m not really a make-up person but I do use some essentials like Alison Raffaele cheek tint, NARS Orgasm blush and Myra vita-moisture lipbalm. I also like my skin dewy rather than matte. MAC also has an amazing range of cosmetics. For local brands, Fanny Serrano has good powders.

With fellow bloggers 

Thanks to the generosity of Myra, we all went home with a bag of goodies!

Some Myra skincare and bodycare products. One of which I already am using, the Myra Tinted Moisturizer.

Myra E 400 UI is sold at 10 per capsule.