When it comes to skincare, I always advise my clients to invest in a serum with a strong active ingredient instead of just going for the typical moisturizer we're told to use. It's the 21st century and our environment isn't the same as what is used to be decades ago. Our skin can really benefit from potent ingredients to fight pollutants and prevent damage.

But I always get a negative response, "But Dior, they're very expensive!" I cannot deny this. Most serums, because of the technology and the years of research and development spent on them, can really be hurtful to our pockets. 

Thanks to Nutox Oxyfusion, I now  have good news to my clients seeking affordable yet effective skincare products. It's not surprising that it's distributed by HBC as both are guided by the same vision of giving everyone the right to be beautiful by offering affordable, high quality personal care products.

We were invited to an exclusive blogger's preview of Malaysia's no.1 bird's next skincare brand last week at The Wine Bar, Chateau 1771.

Blogger's Preview Programme

The fab and bubbly host and beauty blogger Kumiko of LovingSunshine.com

Nutox uses oxyfusion technology and is infused with Bird's Nest essence, a natural source of anti-aging components like protein, amino acids and antioxidants that helps restore the skin's youthful glow. 

Bird's nest or "yien" is a traditional Chinese delicacy, used for over 400 years, and is known for its rejuvenating effects to skin cells. I remember our late grandmother stocking a lot of bird's nest soup for the family. I used to be force-fed when I was younger and never realized the benefits of this miracle until my early teens. I've seen how effective it is from how my dad's skin texture until this day. His skin is still supple and he doesn't look a day over 60! Founding out that bird's nest is Nutox's main ingredient took away my doubts of its effectiveness. Bird’s Nest is beloved in the beauty industry for being a natural source of three agents of skin care nourishment for women who wish to look younger, longer. 

Nutox Oxyfusion offers a complete anti-ageing skin care range which includes facial wash, toner, day cream, serum, night cream, and eye cream.

A skincare tip from the HBC girls: Use your ring finger when applying skincare to prevent forceful tugging.

We participated in a short game. Bloggers are the most competitive players! 

The entire skincare line of Nutox is affordable and priced at P200 - P600.  Here are some of the products I took home with me and tried:

The Nutox Wrinkle Away Cleanser cleanses without stripping the skin's natural moisture. It also helps in skin regeneration to reveal fresher and younger looking skin.

The Nutox Skin Refining Toner is a facial stimulant that refines and tones the skin and is packaged in a spray bottle so you can use it after shower, midday or before bedtime. I tried using it as a makeup fixer midday and it did refreshened my face but didn't really help in making my makeup last longer. It's handy though to have this in your purse for humid days. I have it now in my gym bag to use every after workout.

I would have to say that my favorite in the skincare line is the Nutox Moisture Emulsion SPF25++. The texture is a light gel that almost disappears upon application on the skin. I felt like I had nothing on! It has already replaced my current facial sunscreen or day cream! 

Overall, I'm impressed with the the performance of Nutox, given it's very affordable. The Ylang-ylang scent is on all products in the line and is one of the reasons why I have this on my bed's top shelf.

This travel-sized pack is just P230 and is perfect if you want to see first if Nutox is the right skincare regimen for you.

The HBC management with the face of Nutox, Monique

Monique is even prettier in person. And super friendly too!

The entire HBC and Nutox team with the beauty bloggers

Nutox Oxyfusion is now available in HBC Mall based outlets. To know more about Nutox Oxyfusion Philippines, like their official Facebook page and follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @nutoxph.

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