I'm always asked how to achieve healthy glowing skin. I always say that the formula to get this result is proper exfoliation and moisturizing. Exfoliate with a scrub at least twice a week and moisturize every after shower or use a moisturizing wash. It sounds simple and easy but what usually hinders the ritual is procrastination. I've had those days when it's just "nakakatamad" to put up the effort.

But with beauty afficionados like me, a new product always spark motivation to go back to the ritual again. Last week, I received a package from The Cream Factory, the first and only Dessert For The Skin in the entire world that combines the creamy goodness of real Netherlands goat milk and 100% Active Botanical extracts sourced from around the world. 

Goat milk keeps skin soft, supple, and moisturized. It also nourishes your skin with essential vitamins and minerals. 


Exfoliation day is my favorite day of the week! The feeling of buffing off dead skin cells of my body makes me feel deeply cleansed from impurities. Scrub-In-A-Tub exfoliates skin with salt crystals for that soft, smooth, and clean feeling while glazing your skin with the moisturizing benefits of real Netherlands goat milk. This Dessert For The Skin comes in 5 delectable variants to suit anyone's skin needs. It has two categories, Salty (rock salt crystals) and Creamy (crushed walnuts). I recommend Salty for those who have normal to oily skin and Creamy for those who have a drier skintype.

Available in 9.5 ounce tubs, Salty (Seaweed and Witch Hazel) at P799 and Creamy (Honey and Jojoba) at P599.

Bath Cream

Not your typical creamy body wash, The Cream Factory Bath Cream is made with all the goodness and purity of real Netherlands goat milk. After 3 days of washing with this, I noticed a more moisturized skin without any filmy residue. And given that goat milk can heal and repair skin, it helps to protect skin from damage and early signs of ageing. No wonder it’s an ancient beauty secret. 

Combined with goat milk are 100% Active Botanical extracts sourced from around the world and comes in 12 luxurious, delicious-smelling variants: Acai Berry, Almond, Avocado, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Honey, Jojoba, Lavender, Mulberry, Seaweed, Witch Hazel, and Yogurt variants. 

Available in 7.5fl oz at P299, 26 fl oz at P699 and Triple Pack at P799.

Yummy and delicious, it’s quite tempting to have a taste while in the shower!

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