The fishtail braid is a style we’ve always admired from afar but have never really been able to master. So we couldn’t resist the opportunity to get a step-by-step guide from Nackie Karcher, owner and head stylist of The Parlour Brooklyn, who perfected the look at Hayden-Harnett’s presentation this week. Inspired by the designers’ “stranded in the desert” direction, Karcher spritzed Davines Defining Texturizer on models’ hair to add density and volume, and then gave each of them a low ponytail fastened with a leather band. “It involves using two sections of hair instead of three,” she explained of the fishtail, dividing each ponytail in two and taking a small piece from one side at a time and adding it to the other. “Like a crisscross,” Karcher continued, specifying that the smaller the pieces, the more detailed the braid will be. I tried it out on sections of my friend's own hair last night but it’s definitely going to take a little practice. We should have it down by Spring, though, when nothing beats a soft braid.