"You're looking at the first unretouched makeup ad", reads this ad for Makeup For Ever's HD High Definition foundation. The first of the Make Up For Ever unretouched ads, which appeared in U.S. magazines this week, shows a model holding up a camera to take a photograph of herself.

Given that most foundation ads are airbrushed to perfection, we usually take claims of flawless skin with a pinch of salt. So the beauty brand's decision to publish the world's first unretouched make-up campaign is just but appropriate. The ads are so authentic, they’ve even been certified by a notary! 

Whoever thought of this ad campaigns is a genius! Having worked with a lot of real women, they have these unrealistic expectations to look like “the girl in the ad”, not knowing that the photos they’re viewing are completely photoshopped. It can be argued that the girls in the unretouched ads only look amazing because of the good lighting, professionally applied make-up and enviable genes on their side. I personally think it's a good example for the industry and I really hope that other cosmetic companies produce ads like this one just to let women know that the look they’re envisioning is achievable.

Make Up For Ever also took the print campaign to the next level when they launched a microsite yesterday, http://www.hd-not-retouched.com, featuring an interactive short film created to highlight the models' perfect complexions and was shot in HD, of course.

Here are some more installments of the ad campaign.

The stubbles on her underarm just prove how 'real' the unretouched ad is.

Her skin looks amazing, flawless yet not impossibly perfect.

Click here to know more how these HD looks were achieved using Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover line. I personally had tried using this HD Invisible Cover foundation (₱2,395 in Make Up For Ever stores nationwide) on myself and has equipped my pro make-up kit with four shades. My clients love how it gives the right amount of coverage without looking fake. Certainly, Make Up For Ever's unretouched ad campaign proves how good the foundation (and all of their other products within the line) works.