Though still a taboo to most today, tattoo has gotten its way into mainstream as celebrities and models are getting inked. I had my first one during my stint in LA where almost everyone I met was sporting one. It didn’t take long before I convinced myself to join the club since my classmate works at a tattoo place as a piercer. I wanted a text that would remind me of a certain significant time in my life and since I was taking up Masters program in make-up artistry that time, I decided that “Rouge” in script was the perfect word.

How was the experience? The idea of pain didn't really occur to me when I got there since all the men getting their tattoos looked like they were feeling nothing. But my my, the first minute was hell. I felt light-headed, almost about to faint. After that first minute though, my system started to get numb and the pain became bearable, almost gone.

"Rouge" inked on the small of my back

How did I feel afterwards? High! I felt invincible, like I was stronger and braver for bearing those 15 minutes of agony.

It took me half a year to get another one. It was just this summer when I got my second one on my right inner ankle. My friend Val recommended Wildside Tattoo and Bar owned by her friend Payopee. 

How was the experience? The crew was amazing. Payopee was accommodating and their award-winning artist Jaime Tud, who did Manny Pacquiao’s forearm tattoo, is way talented that it took him just a minute to personalize my initial just the way I wanted it. The process started as soon as Jaime prepared the sterilized equipment and tools. It was reassuring to see that and a new unused needle being opened in front of me. Ten minutes and we were done. It was less painful this time around, maybe because I already knew what was coming, though some friends say it would hurt more (the more “bony” the area, the more painful it will be).

My “D” initial with a cross signifying my faith and an “S” inside signifying the Holy Spirit
How did I feel afterwards? Equally exhilarating as the first one. The jolt of excitement, the bliss, the thrill -- all still there. Once again, I felt free, uninhibited and proud! I would definitely recommend Wildside. Actually I’ve been recommending the place to anyone who’s asking where I got inked. Not only was the place safe and hygienic, but also the crew was awesome. 

Wildside Tattoo and Bar is located at Unit 208B Sherwood Place, Taft Avenue, Manila. For inquiries and directions, please call 0917-8853338 or email wstattoo@rocketmail.comFor samples of their art, visit their website.