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Chanel N°5 Soap: Luxury at $1.25 per Shower

Posted by Dior Co on Thursday, January 24, 2013, In : Reviews 

Chanel couldn’t send me better news on this grey, cold and rainy day. After the classic and insurmountable Chanel N°5 perfume, now comes its soap counterpart, refining the art of luxurious pampering. $75 might be a lot to pay for a bar of soap but this is Chanel N°5 combined with ultra-moisturizing glycerin and transformed into an 11-ounce promise of luxurious bath experience.

It’s soft, creamy, luxurious, gentle and lathers like a dream. It smells like N°5 but in a softer, subtler way...

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Luxury Fragrances Sale

Posted by Dior Co on Thursday, August 30, 2012, In : Announcements 
70% off on luxury fragrances on August 31 at Studio SnR.Email for names.

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