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Céleteque DermoCosmetics

Posted by Dior Co on Tuesday, November 24, 2015, In : Reviews 
As I age, I'm inclined to obsess more about skincare now than makeup. But a fusion of both at a reasonable price? Why not! Céleteque Dermo, the trusted brand for cutting-edge skincare technology, recently launched their first ever line of cosmetics for every sensible and hardworking Filipina.

After the brand has established itself as a skincare staple—in countless women’s beauty regimen, with its extensive, customized and expert line of dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and clinical...
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Happy Skin Read My Lips Series

Posted by Dior Co on Monday, October 5, 2015, In : Announcements 
As Happy Skin turns two this month, they were happy to share that day in and day out, they sell over one hundred lippies, without fail. And because of this, one of my favorite homegrown brands of skin-caring makeup devotes its holiday 2015 collection to a true best-seller that’s been making women everywhere happiest: the cult-favorite Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippie.

From the introduction of its very first lippie—the Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie, launched back in October 2013—Happy Sk...
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POPs of Colour

Posted by Dior Co on Monday, February 16, 2015, In : Reviews 
Though a fan of natural makeup, I still have those days when I'm in the mood for a bit of unexpected pops of colour. My daily makeup kit has tons of neutral colours, but I do have a stash of neons and brights for editorials and high fashion shoots that require them. So when I received an invite from Glamourbox for the launching of yet another interesting makeup brand, Pop Cosmetics, I knew these would go directly to what I call my "fun makeup kit".

These customized sweet treats in the form of...

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The Body Shop Holiday Tint Geisha Doll

Posted by Dior Co on Wednesday, November 12, 2014,
This holiday season, The Body Shop's iconic Lip & Cheek Stain comes in a new red shade the cutest special edition packaging in the form of a geisha doll!

Isn't this the cutest thing??

This limited edition red shade is sprinkled with gold glitter to add glitz to our Christmas. 

This dual-purpose liquid stain gives a natural-looking, rosy winter glow to lips and cheeks. Dab onto lips or cheeks straight from the applicator. Blend using clean fingertips. Reapply for added intensity.

Wearing The Body...

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Benefit BeauTEA Party

Posted by Dior Co on Wednesday, August 27, 2014, In : Announcements 
It's so nice to see the Benefit PH team again after missing consecutively three of their events! Being surrounded with people who share the same passion as I have with beauty is probably one of the top five reasons why I still blog even if I barely have time for it nowadays.

Last week, beauty bloggers gathered at the newly opened TWG in Central Square Mall in BGC. We were introduced to the newest launches of Benefit that'll be available to the public come Ber months.

Bathina 'All Over Me' Scent...

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K-Palette 1 Day Magic Series

Posted by Dior Co on Tuesday, August 26, 2014, In : Reviews 
K-Palette has recently come out with something new -- the K-Palette 1 Day Magic series. I'm very grateful that even though I wasn't able to attend their press launch, I was sent a kit to try myself.

Basically, the 1 Day Magic Series is an all improved collection of K-Palette that consists of a liquid eyeliner, dual mascara, eyelid glue and Quad blush.

Here's what you need to know about each magical product from the series:


In case you're wondering, the difference betwee...
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Event: Colour Collection x Sample Room Event

Posted by Dior Co on Friday, March 7, 2014, In : Events 
Last Saturday, I was invited by one of the country's pioneer beauty bloggers and Sample Room's founder Sophie Uy to attend Colour Collection's event in partnership with Sample Room.

It was a workday for me. I had back-to-back makeup jobs that day and I squeezed in this event to my schedule because I really felt guilty for always having to say no to press event invites since the year started. And also, I miss and wanted to see my fellow beauty bloggers who share the same love I have for beauty,...
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The Inglot Freedom System Is Here!

Posted by Dior Co on Tuesday, December 3, 2013, In : Events 
As a makeup artist, you just need color options. There are a lot of cosmetic brands out there where one can shop for what one needs, but rarely does one find all that she needs in just one store. Apparently, we don't need to store hop anymore, Inglot has finally arrived Manila!

Inglot was established over 25 years ago by a young chemist Wojtek Inglot who visualized to produce high quality products at fair and reasonable prices, using only the best possible ingredients and raw materials from th...
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Looking Fresh

Posted by Dior Co on Tuesday, October 23, 2012, In : Reviews 
For three straight days now, I've been getting lots of compliments on my skin. At first, I thought it may just have been a good skin day for me, but when day 3 came and kind compliments still kept on coming in, I realized it may be because of the makeup I've been using. 

My brother just came home from the States and took home with him my orders from Sephora and Amazon. Two of the ones I immediately used from the basket are Diorskin Forever Compact Powder Foundation and YSL Rouge Volupte in N...

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Post-Summer Collection from Bobbi Brown

Posted by Dior Co on Friday, September 28, 2012, In : Collection 
Don't you just hate it when summer ends? Or when it's about to? The fact that rainy season starts too soon makes me kind of despondent. There's such few opportunities to wear those sun dresses and bright colors! And that goes with make-up too. I seem to be picking up more of my greys, blacks and dark shades as early as July. 

This year though, Bobbi Brown introduces a collection especially made for that confusing season between summer and autumn. Bobbi’s new Desert Twilight Collection combin...

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Blush To Flatter

Posted by Dior Co on Monday, July 18, 2011, In : Tips 
Q: I'm not comfortable wearing too much make-up on and I only like to put on blush and nothing else. Do you think blush is enough to enhance my face? Can you please give me tips on how to enhance my features with just blush?

A: Expertly applied blush can shape and define your face, creating the illusion of cheekbones that don't exist—and it's easier to do than you think.

To thin a round face: Start your blush at the apples, then brush it along the cheekbones all the way up to the temple...

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