I HATE CARDIO. For someone who's trying to be as fit as she can be, it might come as a surprise that I HATE CARDIO. I can't emphasize that more. Studies say that women are more inclined to enjoy cardiovascular exercises more than strength training, but not me. I like the feeling that I can lift weights and increase intensity rather than sweat all my fat out in a workout. However, after two years of body conditioning and doing purely strength training and meditation, I knew it was about time I give cardio another shot. But I still hate cardio, so it was a long struggle finding the right cardio I can bear with.

Last month, I was given the privilege to try out the dance classes of Studio 116 when they partnered with Benetton Fragrances for a fitness event. You can see my post on that here. We were all lucky to have taken home multiple passes, 2 for fitness dance and 2 for social dance classes. It was only this week that I was able to visit their studio to finally get a full hour of what the studio can offer.

"Studio 116’s vision is to be the place where people of all ages and abilities can look and feel happy, energized, renewed, and uplifted. Its mission is to reintroduce Ballroom dancing to the Filipino public as a fun activity to achieve and maintain a fit body, to enhance one’s own interpersonal and creative skills, and to mold its students into physically fit, highly skilled, and very confident individuals. And our purpose is to provide only the best dance expertise, and to give an opportunity to everyone to discover the joy and benefits of dancing. Your journey to excellence and a healthier lifestyle starts here!"

My first visit was for Zumba, my chosen fitness class. I decided to share the other pass with my cousin Julianne as she's been itching to try it for a long time now. I've already tried Zumba in other gyms and studios and somehow didn't quite like it, but I wanted to accompany my cousin and so I thought why not give it another shot. We arrived in the studio in LRI building (same building where Heima store and most art galleries are) early and were able to scout the area and talk to the staff. 

Upon entering, we saw an impressive and massive collection of trophies and plaques won by Studio 116's dancers!

My cousin Julianne and I. I'm so proud that she's starting to take interest on fitness at such a young age!

The Zumba class started with the infamous "Gangnam Style" song and intensified song after song after song. I like the pacing of our instructor Michelle. She was easy to follow and she was clear in her gestures and steps. I felt worked out yet not out of breath unlike the other Zumba classes I tried in the past. This time, I actually enjoyed sweating it out. I didn't even notice we were about to finish until we stretched out on the last song. You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun! I'm excited for my next Zumba session! I might just have reignited my love for dancing.

Zumba class

My second visit was for social dancing. This time, I shared my other pass to my good friend Sol. I really didn't know what to expect. I wasn't as eager to try social dancing as I think I'm too young to enjoy "ballroom dancing" with DI's. But there we were, in our kitten-heeled dancing shoes, ready to salsa! 

We really didn't know what to expect from the class, all we know was that it was more of a dance than a fitness class. I used to dance and even compete in dancing but that was back in gradeschool and the last time I did some ballroom dancing was for my PE class in freshmen year in college. So to be there in our Mary Janes instead of our Nikes, and Latin-inspired skirts instead of our Dri-fits and Clima-cools, gave me the chills. 
I'm not worried about my friend Sol who is obviously better at dancing than I am. Can I actually pull this off?

Our instructor Michelle, my graceful friend Soleil and I

Michelle, our instructor, partnered the ladies to the gentlemen for an hour of social dancing. Michelle was also the instructor during my Zumba class visit. Her instructions, as always, were articulate enough for us to follow. My chills faded by the minute we started and I even caught myself smiling during the session. And though this dance class is less energetic (but more sophisticated and poised) than Zumba, we did still sweat and I knew we had burned the light dinner we had before our class. If you prefer mixing fitness and dance, then Studio 116 might just be the right studio for you.

Social dancing

For more information, visit Studio 116 Dance School’s
website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

Studio 116 is located at Suite 135 B Ground Fl., LRI Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia st., (formerly Reposo) Bel-Air II, Makati City. Telephone number is 895-5581. For inquiries, please email it to inquire@studio116danceschool.com.

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