It's just the start of summer and my face has already garnered some skin damage from the sun, thanks to our holiday trip in New Zealand and a weekend wedding in Cebu. Oh the cost of travel!

I was already pondering on what skin treatment to book when I received an invite from Strip Manila to try a session of their newest treatment, Strip White. It's an innovative procedure that revitalizes and whitens the skin -- just what I need!

Strip at the Mega Fashion Hall

This non-invasive rejuvenation treatment is done via a machine that promises to deliver textural improvement, pore size reduction, brightening of skin pigmentation, reduction of fine lines and facial hair/fine hair removal. 

3 major function of the machine:

1. Revitalization – Improves vascular activity by feeding oxygen to tissues and stimulates collagen regeneration thus revitalizes the skin.

2. Whitening - Suppresses/weakens melanin formation to lighten brown spot, uneven skin tone and pigmentation

3. Firming and Anti-Aging Effect - Reduces appearance of fine lines and pores and increases collagen production so skin is pushed upward making skin look firmer and younger.

Any body part is a candidate for the service but specifically, Strip White was designed to treat to treat the face and other problematic skins found in the most delicate and intimate (but often most neglected!) body parts such as the underarm, kneecap, elbow, buttocks, neck, stomach, bikini, inner thighs and Brazilian. 

As I've said, my face has gone through some noticeable skin damage so I opted to try the treatment on my face. I was excited to see how this treatment will help in evening out and brightening my uneven skin tone and dull skin. I had acne scars that I want to lighten and also fine facial hair that I want to be eliminated.

L: No makeup before Strip White; R: After Strip White treatment

Do you see the immediate result? My face is a shade lighter after my ten-minute session. The Strip Specialist said results may vary according to severity of the problems and individual skin types.

Noticeable results can be seen after 3 sessions but like any other skin treatment it is necessary to maintain it every 4 weeks interval for the underarms and 2-4 weeks interval for face and other areas to prevent recurrence of skin problem and stabilize the result.

Strip White is safe for all skin types, except for those with specific health or skin conditions. The Strip specialists are well equipped to handle the delicate treatments and can recommend for all skin conditions.

I'm very much excited to go back for my second session to see better results for my face, and even try it on my more delicate body parts in time for summer getaways!

For rates and more infor, call Strip Megamall branch at 5314083 / 09178477751.