To properly welcome SJP NYC into her fragrance portfolio, Sarah Jessica Parker held court in front of a room of editors, bloggers, and twitter enthusiasts this morning. The strawberry/gardenia eau hit counters this week and should draw quite the crowd as Carrie Bradshaw fans brace for the forthcoming Sex and the City sequel and the marketing blitz that will accompany it. “I can’t really compartmentalize this one quite yet,” Parker said of her latest perfume, which is the most whimsical flacon in an olfactory repertoire that already includes Lovely, a mannered scent that the actress said she’d wear to the ballet, and Covet, her entry into the assertive category, which is more suited, in her estimation, to an after-after party.

Brunch talk quickly turned to the floral strapless dress Parker wears in the ad images, created exclusively for her by Oscar de la Renta, as well as her own personal beauty secrets, which include coating her hair in conditioner, wearing wigs on set to protect her tresses, and staying as close as possible to hairstylist Serge Normant and makeup artist Leslie Lopez. “I am very bad with makeup,” Parker admitted, mentioning that mascara and lip balm are really her only go-to cosmetics. She does seem to have a knack for fragrance, though, and her latest effort is an interesting combination of her own personal reminiscences as a New Yorker and those that her alter ego experienced for six seasons on HBO. “I had a specific snapshot of Carrie in my mind walking the streets of the city in June—right at the beginning of the summer, when the show always premiered,” she said. “It could’ve been other more tender moments—but hopefully we can explore those in the future.” For those of you hoping to one day capture through scent the moment Big tells Carrie she’s “the one” in the series finale over that bridge in Paris, you may just get your wish.