I probably own a more than ten bottles of liquid foundation due to the fact that they come in different textures, coverages and shades. For someone whose skintone seems to change on a weekly basis, I have to own a lot to match my skin. It's pricey on the pockets and messy on the beauty shelf! But now, thanks to the revolutionary product of The Body Shop, we now can adjust the shade of our foundation with their Shade Adjusting Drops.

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It comes in two shades, one for lightening and another one for darkening.Transform an "almost right" shade into your perfect one in just one drop. Lightening drop lightens and neutralizes yellowness, while the darkening drop darkens while keeping natural depth. Imagine just owning just one liquid foundation and having these two handy for those times when you've tanned yourself too much from a beach trip, or when the rainy days blocks the sun and you're just paler than ever. 

A = Vanilla 020 + Lightening Drop; B = Vanilla 020 + Darkening Drop

As illustrated in the photo above, you can create your own personalized shade with these drops. I mixed mine with The Body Shops' Fresh Nude Foundation (more on that below), but you can also opt to mix these drops to other brands of liquid foundation. I tried mixing the drops on Make Up For Ever, Estee Lauder, Shu Uemura, MAC and RMK and it blended quite well and smoothly.

The Body Shop also came up with a new line of foundation, the Fresh Nude Foundation that comes in 16 shades! Enriched with English rose water and aloe vera, this hydrating formula leaves skin feeling fresh, light and comfortable all day. I'm in love with how light it is but still effectively gives a semi-matte finish. I'm neither shiny nor too dry and have just the right amount of glow. 

Fresh Nude Foundation and Shade Adjusting Drops are available in The Body Shop boutiques nationwide. For more details, like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram: @thebodyshopph