Pregnancy is a difficult phase in a woman's life. So from the time we learned we were expecting, I made it a priority that this pregnancy would be a happy one. Meaning, I don't deprive myself of foods I crave for, I let myself enjoy being pampered and I didn't skip my beauty routines.But the only thing I'm quite uptight about is getting toxic chemicals into my system. So the search for beauty products that are pregnant-friendly has been the goal every time I shop.

My nails have been neglected for some time now, as I realized that even if the market offers nail polish brands that are safe, it's difficult to find a remover that's acetone-free. If only we can have nail polish that fades in time.

And yes, we do have that in Manila now! I introduce to you Safe ’N’ Beautiful, a collection of natural wash-off nail polishes that are free of harmful chemicals and alcohol ingredients.

These polishes deliver salon quality finish yet they’re water-based, water-permeable and removable by mildly rubbing nails with soap and water. If you want it to be last a bit more though, they have a top coat for that.

Expectant moms, this is the perfect solution and balance for natural beauty combined with minimum fuss!

The brand also markets a line for kids called Snails.
Not only is the water-based formulation safe and quick-drying, it is also easily removable from clothes and furnishings. Imagine how much stains I got from my nieces when we play salon! It also can be removed with soap and water so no need to worry if your kid has school the next day.

Safe 'N' Beautiful (P520 per bottle) and Snails Safe Nails (P420 per bottle) are available in Rustan's, Mothercare,The Parenting Emporium and The Green Company. For more details, visit exclusive distributor Bright Brands on Instagram: or email them for the full catalogue at