Three months from now, I’ll be walking down the aisle. Take it from me, weddings are a pain to plan! All brides understand this more than anyone else and Rustan’s understands this too that’s why there’s Weddings and Beyond to help ease our stress before we step into our pristine white dresses and say our blissful I do’s.

Known as the best ‘one-stop-luxury gift shop’ for all occasions, Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond has proven to be the premier luxury Bridal gift registry choice in the country with its personalized customer service as its signature edge.

It was hardly a choice for my fiancé and I to have Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond as our wedding registry hub. It’s free of charge and even offers a 10% Discount Card for registrants and their guests. Each bride who registers even gets a free Rustan's Frequent Shopper Plus (FSP) Card upon registration.

Excellent service doesn’t stop there as Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond present other services to keep your shopping experience light and enjoyable. Now, they have Babies and Children’s gift registry! 

And to help spread the good word about it, Rustan’s held a private baby shower for mom-to-be Sabs Hernandez at The Writer’s Lounge at Raffles Makati which, I had the pleasure to have attended. 

Baby showers are never complete without macarons and stuffed animals!

With the early birds Jackie, Kira and our celebrant Sabs 

Just some of the choices from Rustan’s you can get for mom-to-be’s for their baby showers, or register for yourself if you’re a mom-to-be yourself! 

The cutest onesies from Rustan’s were used for the game “Dress Up Baby Henri”:

Another game Rustan’s had prepared for us was the Feeding Bottle game wherein the contestants would drink juice from a feeding bottle and the one who finishes first wins.

Look how Ari, Tara and Shen sucked all the juice out!

The last game “What’s in the diaper” was my favorite! Contestants needed to guess what kind of chocolate, spread or candy is in the six diapers. We got to smell and some even took a taste of what looked like poop. Answers were peanut butter, mint chocolate, toblerone, etc. This was hilarious! 

How was it, Phoebe?? :)

The gift-giving part was the most anticipated part of the program as we get to see Sabs reaction as she opens our chosen gifts from her gift registry at Rustan’s. 

I hope Henri will be able to use what I got him! Just in case he won’t, Sabs can exchange it. Rustan’s truly makes it easy for us! 

The only pregnant woman I know who lost weight during her pregnancy. Congratulations again hot mommah Sabs!

For everything you need, Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond gives you uncomplicated luxury so you can focus on starting your Happily Ever After. 

To inquire about Rustan’s Weddings & Beyond registry, contact them at: Rustan’s Makati at 817-8007, Rustan’s Shangri-La at 633-4659, Rustan’s Alabang at 850-5532, Rustan’s Gateway Mall at 911-2410, Rustan’s Cebu at 231 5642.