Just this week, The Body Shop launches their captivating fragrance collection inspired by the scents of the world, created with ingredients sourced from around the globe. Rejuvenate and treat your senses to an array of fragrance products inspired by ingredients sourced from all four corners of the world. Choose from five addictive fragrances– Atlas Mountain Rose, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Madagascan Vanilla, Amazonian Wild Lily and new Fijian Water Lotus.

My choice among the five: Fijan Water Lotus

Nothing says summer like a fresh, vibrant fragrance that is Fijan Water Lotus. It appealed to me how it captured the very essence of tropical Fiji, opening with uplifting top notes of mandarin and lit sea. The fragrance then bursts into a delicate bouquet of Fijan Water Lotus flower and rose before leading into a light yet lively marine accord. It's revitalising, refreshing and calming. Quite a bliss in a bottle!

Grab all of these at 30% off each starting October 20. Even their iconic White Musk fragrance is also at 30% off! Try them all in their stores, pick one or two that suits your personality and save up to P400 off. Head towards the nearest The Body Shop now and enjoy these hot deals until November 2, 2014.