I've first seen this magic cloth that removes makeup without cleanser, soap or makeup remover at a segment of the Today's Show. I was quite skeptical if it would work, so I didn't bother to order one for myself. But things that are meant to be for us have a way of reaching us. A friend from college contacted me and asked if she can send me a sample of a beauty product she's selling. Little did I know it's the controversial Makeup Eraser!
Inside the box is one Makeup Eraser cloth and instructions on how to use.

The Makeup Eraser is an all natural method of your removing makeup. No harsh chemicals needed, just wet the cloth with water and all your makeup is removed, even waterproof eyeliner & mascara, silicone-based makeup and much more. The best part of the Makeup Eraser is it is reusable, throw it in the wash and no stains remain. One cloth will last 1000 washes, thus saving you money.

This pink cloth is so plush and soft to the touch! It can hardly irritate your skin.

How to use:

1. Wash - wash eraser prior to first erase

2. Wet - wet portion of makeup eraser.. drenched wet! use warm water

3. Erase - gently rub off makeup in circular motion. Then flip eraser to long nap side to exfoliate!

Various waterproof makeup on the back of my palm that I waited to dry for fifteen minutes

In two circular motion, everything was removed by the makeup eraser!

4. Wash - wash makeup eraser after use ( dryer friendly )

I couldn't believe it myself either until I tried it. I did the same thing on my face and everything was removed. Foundation, lipstick, mascara, you name it. It was a little hard to go deep on the lash line of course but it did the job, with no irritation. It's refreshing even, I felt like I was giving myself a DIY facial. It felt so much better on my skin compared to a cotton pad! Now my Makeup Eraser is on the hamper, waiting to be washed. Can't wait for it to be squeaky clean for the next 999 sessions.

Here's a clip of the Today's Show feature of the Makeup Eraser where I've first seen and got intrigued on the product:

To order, you may contact the distributor via email mymakeup201@gmail.com or mobile 0916-5508301. One box is at P1,300, free shipping. For more info, follow them on instagram: @makeuperase.