Oh, sleep, how I missed you! And what I miss equally is my bright eyes sans eyebags and undereye circles! Thanks to BeauuGreen Hydrogel Eye Patch, I have a shot to getting rid of these bags and circles.

BeauuGreen is a Korean brand specializing in skincare masks and eye patches. They are known for their Hydrogel Eye Patches that are enriched with essences that penetrate deep inside the skin to supply nutrients to the sensitive eye rims. It's said to restore hydration and elasticity.

 I've got to try their Sea Cucumber & Black Hydrogel Eyepatch variant that is said to be firming. The other two variants are Coral & Aqua (hydrating) and Collagen & Gold (anti-wrinkle). There are a couple of eye patches in the pot soaked in nourishing essence that provides moisturizing and calming effects to the skin around the eyes. As this eye patch provides superior skin adhesion, it allowed me to be productive even while wearing it. 

How to use:
1. After washing face, tone the skin around eyes up with a toner. 
2. Take the patch out of the pot using a spoon and apply the eye patch to desired area of your face. 
3. Leave on for 20~30 minutes and let remaining essence absorb into the skin with gentle patting. 

I can't speak much about the moisturizing effect of this patch but I definitely instantly felt some calming effect on my eye area. I also saw not much of a difference on my eye bags. A couple more of wearing these and it might just do the job.

BeauuGreen Eye Patch can be purchased at BSKOS Philippines Facebook page at P1,680.00.