In my calendar, March marks the beginning of summer. To welcome summer this year, I skipped splurging on new pairs of bikinis and indulged myself on a body treatment for a bikini-ready body instead. The Silhouette Refining Body Wrap is one of the two newest bodycare treatments of The Spa Wellness Center. This new addition to The Spa's range of services is a cutting edge slimming, anti-cellulite full body cocoon treatment, said to stimulate your body to break down fat and eliminate water retention for a firmer, smoother and dimple-free silhouette. It promises  elimination of toxins as well as fat dissolution. I didn't think twice on trying it out since I've always trusted The Spa to take care of my body when I can't. We ladies can be so religious taking care of our faces (sometimes with more than 3 daily skincare steps!), but usually neglect the majority of our skin. 

So there I was, about to experience the treatment in one of premier villas for the first time. Upon entering the villa, I felt like I found a lost paradise hidden in the middle of a busy city. If you're a woman who's living a fast-paced lifestyle, you would definitely benefit spending an hour or two in it, where there's ultimate exclusivity and privacy for some well-deserved "me-time". The villa has its own heat and water facilities (sauna, shower and jacuzzi) for the client's private use that s/he can use 30 minutes prior to the chosen session. My masseuse came in with a concoction of potions for the body treatment. I was lying comfortably in bed when she prepped my body using phyto-water, after which she used a brush exfoliator as a body scrub. She moved on applying the main treatment, a natural elixir made of pure 100% micronized green coffee and other cellulite-fighting agents, while massaging my body with soft rhythmic strokes. She then carefully wrapped me into a cocoon for 10 minutes while giving me a relaxing head and shoulder massage before I was asked to steam in my private sauna for 5 minutes to optimize the absorption of the treatment. After showering off the residue, I got back in bed for the last step where lotion is applied on my entire body to seal in the moisture. 

The result? My skin was definitely firmer and smoother, which was what I already expected. What amazed and shocked me was when I put my tube dress on, it almost wouldn't hold up! My dress was almost falling off my body, proving the treatment to be effective on shedding an inch off the body on average! I felt not only toned and slimmed on the outside, but also detoxified on the inside. Delighted and not just satisfied with my treatment, I took my last cup of their hot ginger tea (I drink 3 cups at the least on every visit. Best-tasting tea ever!) and finally went home, fighting the urge to window-shop in High Street as my falling dress can barely make it to the parking lot.

Non-Members: PHP 2,300.00
Members: PHP 2,000.00

Silhouette Refining Body Wrap is available at The Spa Wellness at The Fort, and will soon be available at our Greenbelt and Alabang Branches.  

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