I was very blessed to have been exposed early on in the field of beauty. Even as a toddler, my mom, who I think influenced my love for beauty, used to bring me with her all the time in her shopping sprees. One of the counters at the beauty floor of department stores we always visit was Origins. It had became a habit that when it closed down several years ago, we were devastated. Where were we going to get our Clariflying charcoal clay mask and Peace of Mind?

And today, I am happy to announce that Origins opens its doors again to us but now to a new home at SM Makati. Thanks to the Estee Lauder Cosmetics Group for inviting me, I felt like I was in skincare heaven during their launch.

With fellow beauty blogger Shari and Shen

Origin's PH Brand Manager Jill Baysa

Jean-Alexandre Havard, International General Manager of Origins flew all the way to the Philippines to reopen Origins in the country in celebration of the brand's 25th anniversary. Catering to Manila's consumers. 

The new interactive retail store is more immersive and engaging than ever, bringing to life the key pillars of the Origins brand through all touch-points of the store while encouraging exploration and discovery. 

 Another key personality who flew in was Gustaf Turling, Global Creative Director of Origins. 

He explained that the new retail concept brings to life Origins journey from plant to formula and showcases how Origins Explorer travels around the world to discover efficacious natural ingredients. 

The formulas translate then into high-performance products in the Botanist’s Laboratory. Inspired by the convergence of science and nature, the Explorer’s Studio and Botanist’s Laboratory are two complementary but distinct areas, born to evoke a feeling of wellbeing and discovery, encouraging a self-guided sensorial experience with the brand. 

Let me give you a tour of Origins new retail concept through the photos I took from the launch event: 

By encouraging guided exploration and discovery, consumers can test products with highly specified benefits in an engaging retail space that echoes the brand ethos of, “Never Stop Discovering.” 

A large communal sink makes it easy for consumers to relax, engage with the products, discover Origins powerful natural ingredients and indulge an informal skin care consultation. 

Origins also offer Feel-Good Mini Facial to personalize the consumer experience and further engage them in the discovery journey.

Each season, Origins creates heart-filled gift collections designed to treat, touch, surround and delight the giver as well as the recipient .A gift-wrapping wall highlights the brand’s free Everyday Gifting service where consumers can personalize Origins gifts year-round. 

And now, the most important part of this blog article -- the products! Product lines are separated into walls of shelves for easier discovery and understanding. I paid attention to the ones that have quite an interesting story to tell and products that I find I desperately need.

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins uses Mega-Mushroom for the relief of redness and sensitivity. Dr. Weil discovered that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has the power of mushrooms for centuries, and Origins in partnership with the Harvard trained doctor harnessed the power of these mushrooms to target skin’s response to emotional and environmental stress at the root of inflammation, helping to promote skin’s resilience, evenness and an overall healthy appearance.

The Make A Difference line consist of tumble weeds of the Judean Desert and was used as a powerful hydrator. Dry skin rebounds from drastic dehydration and rebuilds its moisture barrier through the power of Rose of Jericho, which is found in the driest deserts of North Africa and can withstand total dehydration for decades then return to life with mere drops of water. The Make A Difference collection helps repair and rejuvenate the appearance of damaged and dehydrated skin with a natural solution from one of the driest places in the world. 

Are you nearing 30? I guess we all need Quarter Life Skincare or better known as Origin's Original Skin! 

The Canadian Willowherb from the fields of Northern Canada is a potent plant that has the power to help skin glow as it provides clarity and restores luminosity to skin. Origins addresses quarter-life skin concerns of dullness and imperfections by harnessing the power of Canadian Willowherb and other efficacious ingredients to refine texture, enhance radiance and glow, shrink pores, blur imperfections and restore overall quality for glowing and smooth skin. 

The GinZingTM collection features ginseng and caffeine to give tired skin a radiance-reviving pick-me-up creating the appearance of a full night’s sleep. For hundreds of years, the mountains of China and forests of Ethiopia have brought the stimulating and revitalizing powers of Panax Ginseng and Caffeine to the world. These potent ingredients are known to help strengthen and eliminate signs of fatigue for a refreshed and revitalized look. 

As the leader in the mask category, Origins has a solution for every skin type and need. Powered by clinically proven natural ingredients, these multi-taskers start to purify, clarify or rehydrate skin instantly. Origins mask solutions range from Clear Improvement, my personal favourite since I was 16! 

This wonder mask clears pores with Activate Charcoal that absorbs environmental toxins and decongests skin. 
Time for some sensory therapy! Origins Body products utilize the power of natural scents and textures from around the world to inspire positive feelings while helping to leave skin flawless. I have always been addicted to Peace of Mind, something I have in my purse all the time as a stress-buster for those crazy busy days and migraine attacks.

Congratulations again Origins for a successful launch!

With fellow beauty blogger Rowena and Jackie

The new retail concept model of Origins in SM Makati Department Store is now open to visit and discover.