It’s been almost 6 months now since I was first invited to attend a Barre3 session. At that time, I was focusing on my yoga routines and didn’t really think of shifting to Barre3 but tried it anyhow. After an hour of self-inflicted pain, I shrugged it off my shoulders and continued focusing on yoga alone until last month, when I got another invite for another Barre3 session. To be honest, I really didn’t know if it’s wise to permit myself to another struggle, but I just went for it, convincing myself that “what won’t kill me will only make me stronger.” And well, the film The Black Swan made such a huge impression on me, I would want to give anything that resembles to ballet a second chance. 

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Barre3 was evolved from a ballet dancer’s workout by combining the grace of the ballet barre with the wisdom of yoga and the strength of Pilates. The classes use the ballet barre (together with a workout ball, a strap and hand weights) to improve posture and core strength while supporting precise movements designed to lengthen and lift the whole body. 

As I described above, my first encounter with barre was nothing but self-inflicted pain. I was still in this ‘pain’ during my second encounter, but this time, I ended with a ‘high’. It's similar to what I feel after every yoga session but quite different too. Must be the endorphins talking, or the bliss of starting a new exercise regimen, but man, I knew I wanted that ‘high’ to start my off every single day. Surely, Barre3 raised the bar for me.

It’s been quite a while now since my first day of love-hate relationship with Barre3. The longer I do it, the more I feel that the hate in this relationship slowly fades and all that remains is love for the workout and the drive to do it everyday. I cannot describe my feelings better than Eden Dawn of Shop Talk did: “Barre3, you are my sweetest frenemy. I loathe and love every second of it. I look forward to going, curse every moment I am there until the second the class ends and then feel so happy I went. If it was a relationship, it would be quite dysfunctional.” 

Photo courtesy of Female Network 
Dawn inspired me to take the workout a notch. From just doing it three times a week, I now joined her in the 30-day Barre3 challenge! I’m in my Day 6 and the results I’m seeing and feeling are enough to make me want to push through Day 30! I have no proof photos to show, no measurements to give out because I’m not really excited to lose weight. I just want a leaner, longer body, better posture and stamina. For now, here are the benefits I actually experienced from doing Barre3:
  • My body firmed up. Calves and arms are leaner, butt and thighs are more lifted! My core is also shaping up, forming “abs” just in time for bikini season!
  • I feel more energized after every session and prepared for the day. I’m more productive at work than ever before! 
  • I feel taller, and act taller. It first was a conscious effort to slouch less, but now it feels like second nature.
  • I feel stronger. The more I do Barre3, the more tolerable the push-ups, squats and reps become. Not to say this isn’t hard, because it really, really is hard!
  • Since it has yoga sequences, Barre3 continued to improve my flexibility. (However, I miss having my body stretched more so I decided to not ditch yoga and paired it with Barre3 instead. Barre3 does have stretching sequences but it’s more for warming up and cooling down.)
  • Each session is unique as the instructor. There’s less chance to get bored since all instructors have a different routine and style. I’ve tried almost all of them and they’re all motivating and inspiring!
  • The studio work-space is perfect with lively colors and contemporary design. I feel pumped up every morning that I arrive in the studio. With the floor to ceiling mirrors, I can see my whole body and therefore can check and adjust my posture, form and alignment accordingly.
  • The membership and class fees are a small price to pay (in my opinion) for the benefits you can reap from the workout:
    • Classes: Single class - 700; 10 classes - 5,500; 30 classes - 15,000 
    • Membership: Monthly Unlimited membership - 5,500; Annual Unlimited membership - 50,000 
    • Special Rates: Private session (one-on-one) - 2,000; Exclusive session(minimum of 2 clients) - 1,500/person

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