Q: Hi Dior. I saw one of your photos in beach waves. How did you achieve that? I always end up with just tight parlor curls!

A: Achieving tousled waves ala Califirnia surfer girl, even without the sea salt and sand, is possible with the right hairstyling tool. Your ordinary straight-barrel curler isn't enough to create beach waves, unfortunately. Luckily though, 
Goody has made a wave iron, or the "Heat Wave Creator," that has an indented ripply barrel so twirling is a breeze to produce mermaid spiral in seconds. Just place the ends of hair under the curl clip and twist hair up and around the barrel. With 30-second heatup and temperatures up to professional 410-degrees, this ceramic iron creates styles quickly and easily. 

Here are a couple of photos of me using the Goody Heat Wave Creator. A few tweaks can change the look of your curls as seen below:
Waves created using Goody Wave Creator, without combing

Leave the ends straight to give your beach waves an unexpected twist. 

Larger beach curls by clipping more strands of hair per twirl and by finger combing

If you're wondering what's the difference of using a regular straight-barrel curler and the heat wave creator, below is a photo of me after using my trusty one-inch diameter Conair curler. Note that I only curled the tips at low temperature setting to achieve waves instead of curls.

Subtle romantic waves by curling only the tips

And remember, apply heat protectants before using heated tools!
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