Q: I have rosacea and a very sensitive skin. What make-up would you recommend that can combat the redness and at the same time suitable for my sensitive skin?

A: Contrary to popular belief that you should avoid wearing any cosmetic product when you have a skin condition, makeup can actually improve the look of your skin and boost your self-confidence about your appearance. Here are some tips to help you look and feel your best.

• Get a clean start. Start prepping your face with skin-care products appropriate for your skin condition. Always treat skin gently, never rubbing or pulling with your fingers, makeup sponges or even a washcloth or towel, as this may cause irritation.

• Keep it simple. The more ingredients and products you apply to your skin, the higher the likelihood that an ingredient or product may aggravate it. So always test a new product in a peripheral area — your neck, your arm — before using it on your face to make sure your skin doesn't react to it. Avoid any products that burn, sting or irritate your skin.

• Use a green-tinted base. A sheer green-tinted primer effectively counters and visually corrects redness while evening out skintone. Choose one with high SPF to help shield skin from exposure that can aggravate rosacea. A protective base has another bonus, too: it helps your makeup last longer.

• Choose oil-free foundation. Look for an oil-free foundation that offers the level of coverage you need. Use a light touch when applying foundation. You may want to use an antibacterial foundation brush or your fingertips to apply it rather than a sponge that may be a hub of bacteria.

• Try Mineral make-up.
Mineral makeup is often a good choice for sensitive skin with rosacea, as it typically doesn't contain potentially irritating ingredients. There are also innovative mineral powder formulas specifically formulated to color-correct redness. Local cosmetic brand Ellana (
www.ellanaminerals.com) have good reviews and are affordably priced from ₱100 to ₱480 only.
• Go easy on blushers. Mineral powder blushers are also available, but since skin already tends to have a lot of color, go easy on cheek color if you use it at all. Choose sheer blush and apply sparingly, sweeping it from the apples of the cheeks toward the temples.

• Opt for extra-gentle eye makeup.
Eyes are sensitive to begin with, and if yours have signs and symptoms of ocular rosacea, it's especially important to treat the eye-area skin gently. Select products designed for sensitive eyes that have been ophthalmologist tested — and allergy- tested, fragrance-free formulas may be ideal. Mascara and eyeliner should be easy to apply and remove without pulling or tugging on the eyes. Neutral colors, both in shadow and eye pencils, may also be less irritating than strong jewel tones since they have less pigment.

• Avoid bright lip colors.
Stay away from red shades that may exacerbate the look of redness in your skin. Rather, choose neutral shades close to your natural lip color. 

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