Q: Hi Dior! I'm starting my journey into making makeup artistry as a career. Just a question, what do you wear when on the job?

A: When I went to my makeup training schools, they always advise us to wear black. They say it's the signature "makeup artist attire." The same thing was followed when I was in L'Oreal. I did retail training for the beauty advisers of Shu Uemura and the rule was to have all our makeup artists wear black. Well it only makes sense -- black looks professional, it almost never looks unpolished and it any dirt hardly looks obvious on it.

But to be honest, I don't usually wear black on jobs. I'm a person who gets easily bored that's why I chose this profession. Please, please, please don't ask me to wear a uniform! We are artists for crying out loud. We're creative people and that should be reflected in how we look, even fashion-wise. And to answer your question, I wear whatever I feel like wearing on jobs. 
Here are some of photos of me on a job, just to give you an idea of what I think is appropriate or not.


But of course, I still have my own guidelines, which are just actually common sense:
  • Never wear anything too sexy. You won't be respected by your colleagues and bending over to pick up your cosmetics would be very unpleasant if you're wearing anything too short. 
  • Consider the theme. Doing a wedding? Wear dresses, florals or something ladylike. At a high fashion shoot? Wear something edgy and eclectic. It helps when you start conditioning your mind on how your day is going to go. What you'll wear for the day will also determine your mood, aura and inspiration. Choosing an outfit accordingly on the shoot or event's theme can inspire ideas and will affect your work output.
  • Be comfortable in your clothing. The job is hard as it is and usually done is a not-so pleasing environment. Don't worsen it by making it less comfortable for you. 
    • When I know the shoot is going to be held outdoors, I'd wear cotton or light colored tops.  
    • Wear something that will allow you to freely move. You'll be moving a round a lot especially at shoots.
    • Don't even try to be in those killer heels. If you still want height, platform wedges is the best you can do with. Comfy flats are your best friend. My choice are ballet flats, and currently I'm in love with my pair of EuTOEpia

Chic yet super comfy. I got the one in fuchsia in time for summer!

The name says it all, it's the eutopia for your toes! I can't imagine standing all day and running at shoots without a pair of comfy flats such as these. The local brand also has a few more loafers and moccasins that I've been eyeing on.

Will get the one in the middle! Reminds me of brush strokes, shouts "artist!"

The best thing about EuTOEpia is that they manufacture their shoes locally and they ship for free anywhere within the Metro. Support our own! And they're very affordable too, a pair for about P700-P1000 bucks. 

Check out EuTOEpia's Facebook page or call them at +639175270912 for more info.

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