Q: I have dry skin and lately, it gets irritated easily. Any product I use makes me itch and breakout. What can I do to reverse my sensitive skin? What products would you recommend for me to use?

A: Most of my clients who have dry skin also suffer from sensitive skin. When your skin loses moisture due to external radicals, your skin's natural lipid layers may become damaged, resulting in dehydrated and itchy skin. If your skin's sensitivity has worsened like you've said, stop using whatever skincare and cosmetic product you've been using lately and shift to a formula that has as little chemical as possible. Choose one that has no color and fragrance. Almost all dermatologists I know gives this as their first advice to patients who have the same concern as you.

Since your skin is also dry and is at risk of flaking, shift to non-conventional moisturisers. One I would highly recommend is Physiogel cream. Physiogel contains ceramide and other physiological lipids that mimic your skin's lipid layers, something that most moisturisers in the market today cannot do. You're also sure that Physiogel won't irritate your skin as it's the number 1 recommended moisturisers by dermatologists in the Philippines and it's even used by babies. I know parents who use Physiogel AI (Anti-Itch) cream to their babies who suffer from rashes. You may opt to use this too instead of the regular Physiogel cream. 

The PHYSIOGEL® product range is available at drug stores, leading supermarkets and department stores.

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