Q: Lately my face is becoming really oily. Could it be that my breakouts are caused by my hormones?

A: Yes. I myself experience more breakouts during my pre-menstrual week, which sadly is also the time that I feel most emotional. However, this only affects 15% of women. If pimples suddenly plague you randomly, it might be due to other hormones. An overweight body can have more testosterone, which can create acne; stress ups cortisol, increasing oil. Or it might not be hormonal at all. Acne agitators include genetics, overwashing or bad products. 

Tip: If your breakouts and periods are regular, take advantage of that clockwork. Apply salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide for a few days before your period to help stop acne before it starts. If your breakouts are sporadic, allaying stress and watching your weight can help. If you can't get your skin under control on your own, see your

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