: Hi Dior, I noticed your hair grew so fast! I'm trying to grow my hair as well. How can I give it a growth spurt?

A: Thanks for noticing, but it actually took me a year and a half to reach this length from a bob! Sad to say, but that there's no definite way of making hair grow faster. Hair length is determined by genetics, age and hormonal fluctuations. You can help hair reach its maximum length by protecting it from splitting, which leads to breakage. I like to go to the salon once in three months for what they call "dusting". Dusting is the barest of trims; it takes off the very tips of the hairs, where they're prone to split, without lopping off a substantial amount while you are trying to gain length. If you're also into hairstyling, make sure to protect ends with a leave-on heat-protection products to shield your hair from any potential damage before using any heated appliance. Try Citreshine Thermo-Defense at PCX (P749.00). Extra TLC may not add inches, but it will preserve the ones you've got. 
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