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Q: Why does my eyeliner always smear and get smudgy?

A: As your eyelids continuously move and you constantly blink, there's no surprise that eye make-up has a tendency to smudge and travel. I recommend switching to a waterproof eyeliner to prevent this problem. Try
Make-up For Ever Aqua Liner at 795 (Good luck stopping yourself from getting just a black one! The colored ones are hard to resist, too.) Another tip is to pat on a layer of powder eyeshadow of similar shade to your eyeliner to set it. If these two tricks fail, I suggest trying on a sealant. Glide it over your eyeliner to seal it in or another option would be dipping a fine-tipped eyeliner brush into the sealant and mixing it with a powder eyeshadow to make your own waterproof eyeliner. Mine's Make-up For Ever Eye Seal at 1,250.

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