Q: How do I shift attention away from my dark under-eye circles! Even if I pile on concealer, they are still visible. Help!

A: If you're using the right product, there's no need to pile on too much. Regular concealers can only do so much. For really bad under-eye circles, you might need to use color correctors or neutralizers. For dark circles, which usually are bluish and purplish, mix your regular concealer with an orange corrector. Some beauty brands like Max Factor manufacture salmon hues so there's no need to mix anymore. You'd also want to check if your concealer is too opaque or dense. The texture should be light, not too creamy.

Also, avoid green and purple eyeshadows as these only emphasize the discoloration under your eyes. Instead, opt for warm tones such as beige, taupe and brown. Another helpful tip is to add eyeliner on your upper lashline only. Applying eyeliner on the lower lashline will only draw more attention to your circles and bags.

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