Q: Dear Dior, I'm Asian like you. How should one take care of Asian skin?

A: Asian women tend of have more melanin in the skin, which protects it from the sun. I'd still recommend using sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher daily. However,
 the increased melanin also means we're more susceptible to darkened blemish scars. Generally, it takes Asian skin longer to heal from these scars. It is also essential to take note that even if Asian skin is generally thick compared to other races, it is also very sensitive, making it susceptible to environmental damage, hormonal changes, and inflammation. Use products that are gentle, with soothing ingredients and antioxidants, and age-preventative benefits. Using hydroquinone skin-brightening products help even out skin tone and diminish hyperpigmentation, giving skin an overall brightening effect. Some Asian women dislike our innate yellow undertone but the only fix (temporary) would be to apply on a purple correcting primer or makeup base to cancel out skin's yellowness. Studies show that women with yellow skin tones are actually found to be more attractive, so I say let's embrace our yellowness!
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