Q: I'm 26 and I'm starting to see fine lines on my eyes. Do I need an eye cream this early? Skincare products are so expensive and I noticed that eye cream costs so much too! Can you recommend a good affordable one that works?

A: This has been an issue with a lot of my clients in their 20's (and mine as well). Some people assume that a facial moisturizer is already enough and may be used on the skin around their eyes. This was even suggested by Linda Wells in Allure Beauty's Confessions of a Beauty Editor book 2010 edition, saying that a moisturizer can act as an eye cream. I, however, believe that since the area surrounding the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the other parts of the face, it should receive special attention and specific skincare ingredients targeted to keep it bright, tight and youthful. The eye area is usually the first one to show signs of skin aging and the main reason is that it loses its elasticity before the skin on any other part of the body does.  

It's not as simple as it sounds though. Choosing the right eye cream depends on your primary concern. Is it puffy, tired eyes and bags? Or crow's feet and fine lines? Or maybe dark eye circles? A lot of eye creams available in the market can be the solution to your concern. Make sure to know what it's meant for.

In my early 20's, I didn't really have specific concerns but wanted to prevent future damage so I started using Shu Uemura Beta-G Reinforcing Eye Cream that maintained my eye area's elasticity, collagen and moisture level. Now that I'm past 25, I shifted to Shiseido Lip and Eye contour cream that's targeted towards fine lines and first signs of crows feet. It's a favorite among my aunts. However, for really bad dark circles due to sleepless nights, I was still on a quest to finding what will depuff my bags and brighten my eye area. Nothing I've tried in the past worked for me so I just usually apply frozen tea bags on the puffy area to let caffeine do its work.

But just last week, I was reintroduced to a local drugstore brand Céleteque. It's been around since 2002 but has only been available nationwide recently. I attended a lunch gathering with some friends from the media and learned interesting facts about the brand but will share that in another post. Right now, I want to talk about one of its revolutionary products that I think will satisfy most, if not all of my clients who's been asking me what eye product I'd recommend for them that's within reasonable budget.

Céleteque DermoScience has Celeteque Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener that is clinically proven to reduce puffiness around the eye area and to significantly lighten the skin around the eyes in just 4 weeks. It works by countering the formation of loose skin surrounding the eye area and fighting water accumulation. I really didn't have much of an understanding on how eye bags form but according to Céleteque, the culprit is the accumulation of fat deposits under the eye, not only fatigue and lack of sleep. And because the skin under our eye area is thinner and does not have oil glands, the skin gets looser and fine lines and wrinkles develop faster. 

I've only used this product for five straight nights and I've already noticed an improvement on skin elasticity on the eye area. Size of my eyebags was reduced and I look less tired than usual. I hardly needed any help from my eye concealer and skipped it today. I'm very much excited to see its promise of lightening and brightening my eye area in as fast as 3 weeks. I'll update you guys on this as I go along with this eye cream. It's just been five days, talk about effective!

Stay tuned for future reviews on other Céleteque DermoScience product lines. It's one of the few skincare brands I would highly recommend to my clients and readers, and entrust my skin with. I'll share with you why soon!

Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener is available in Watson’s, Landmark Department Stores and Supermarkets, Rustan’s Supermarket (Branches), Mercury Drug Store (select outlets) and PCX at P299.00. 

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