Do you still remember your teenage years? I remember mine quite clearly. I was my most energetic self in those years filled with fun activities and adventures that bring back many of the best memories. Some of the most exciting experiences in your life happens in your teen years. It’s when you take spontaneous trips with your bestfriends, when you try out new sports and discover what you're really good at, and it’s also a time when meeting boys can be awkward. Staying confident and fresh is the key to making the most out of these free-spirited years!

Last week, Pure ‘N Fresh launched its newest line of colognes that are specifically made for teens and introduced their newest endorser Julia Barretto, the freshest face on TV today.

Julia Barretto epitomizes youth and charm, just like the trio colognes of Pure 'N Fresh

The Pure ‘N Fresh brand started out with an intimate wash in their product line under the pH Care umbrella. Now, they expanded into colognes that are dermatologist-tested and clinically proven safe, as with all other Unilab products. It's available in three variants: Tangerine Delight, Blush Berry, or Tropical Splash. 

"Guess the Scent" game at the Press Conference of Pure 'N Fresh at Bizu

Tangerine Delight's sparkling citrus notes of orange, mandarin, and a touch of apple burst of pure energy and is ideal for outdoor activities especially for sports. It's my favorite among the three variants as it reminds me of the beach and summer!

The apricot fruity-floral scent of Tropical Splash is the perfect daytime scent. Don't forget to splash this on when hitting the mall with your barkada or even when in school to keep you feeling fresh and clean all day.

Pure ‘N Fresh Blush Berry's fruity floral fragrance of strawberry and rose reminds me of the feeling of dressing up for a night out. It's fabulous scent boosts confidence and is most appropriate for soirees and parties.

What I like most about these colognes is that they are all light and easy to wear, it's almost impossible to overdo it. It bugs me when teens wear perfumes that are way beyond their age. However, I sure can still see myself wearing these scents even if I'm already in my late 20's! *wink*

If you want more tips on how to be confident, fabulous, and fresh, check out Fabulousity at Pure 'N Fresh Facebook page. It's an online campus where you’ll find cool how-to-videos featuring Julia Barretto. Register, sign up, click, post, like, and share to earn points that can be redeemed as instant prizes with tie-up stores like Forever 21, Fully Booked, Posh Nails, and many more! 

Here's Julia Barretto sharing tips and advice on how to look fab in five minutes. It's just one of the helpful videos you'd see on their Facebook page.

Splash on Pure 'N Fresh before you head out to make sure you feel fabulous and confident no matter where the day takes you!

Pure 'N Fresh is available in all leading beauty stores and supermarkets nationwide.