Lately, I've been obsessed on styling my hair on my own. Since I and my partner hairstylists have been styling our clients coifs and locks for a living, I've grown interest on actually doing these styles on my own hair. I've posted reviewed some of the products I've tried several times on my blog but most of them are only available overseas. I've gotten a lot of questions as to where to get the heat protectant I reviewed here as well as the revolutionary hair primer I wrote about here. Sad to say but most of the best products for hairstyling are still not available here in Manila. So imagine my joy when I received bottles of heat protectants and styling mists that have recently been available in Manila.

Prostyle Fuwarie Hair Styling Mists is a heat protectant spray that's been in the market since 2009. It protects hair cuticles from the heat of hair styling tools, preventing breakage and discoloration. It also promises to keep silky smooth and shiny. It's enhanced with Amino Acid to repair damaged cuticles and protects against UV rays. Finally, it promises to keep hairstyles last longer.

L to R: Prostyle Fuwarie Straightening Hair Styling Mist; Prostyle Fuwarie Curling Hair Styling Mist and Prostyle Fuwarie Airy Bob Hair Styling Mist, and their respective end results. 

I couldn't wait to try the mists with all that promise in one product! Since I wanted hair that's frizz-free and shiny but still has some volume and bounce, I tried Airy Bob variant mist. Here's the result:

As you can see, the result wasn't as similar to the Airy Bob model above. However, it was my own decision to not have my ends go in one direction. This way, I kept my hair looking natural and not too perfect. There were still some frizz but it was minimized as compared to what my hair usually looks like using the straightening iron alone. My hair also looked smoother than it normally would. You probably would expect shinier hair, but my hair has gone through serious damage in the past. I was very glad with the results I saw from using the mists given the abuse I've done on my locks.

To really test if my hair would remain its style and smoothness, I didn't wash my hair that night and waited until I see the results on day 2.

My hair was still sleek and smooth and not unruly at all! I didn't wash my hair for day 2 as I was still very pleased with my hair and wanted to make the most out of Fuwarie's long lasting effect. If you think about it, Fuwarie doesn't only protect your hair from heat of styling tools, but also protects your hair from frequent hair styling as it keeps styles last longer. 

 Easy spray and lock mechanism that prevents spillage. Great to bring for travel.

I definitely would keep these mists in my arsenal and most probably get another set of three for my professional hairstyling kit as well. The product info promised a light fruity scent but somehow, I still got reminded of hairsprays when I first smelled it.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to protect your hair from heat damage. Just like our skin that needs sun protection, so does our hair. 

Prostyle Fuwarie is exclusively available in all Beauty Bar outlets nationwide at P450.00.

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