In this day and age, women have taken their share in the world almost as equally as men. There are still some gender discrimination and stereotypes, but we've gone a long, long way. To celebrate this new-found freedom and independence, Bobbi Brown released her seventh beauty book entitled Pretty Powerful: Beauty Stories to Inspire Confidence - a makeup manual that does not just inspire to achieve 'pretty', but 'powerful' as well. 

Last week, the book was finally launched at Edsa Shangri La Hotel Manila.

"Pretty Powerful symbolizes my belief that all women are pretty without makeup – and with the right tools and knowledge can be empowered to another level of pretty." -Bobbi Brown

The wall at the event features some of quoted lines from the book. Even without reading the entire book, you'd already be inspired and empowered by these words of wisdom.

Model slash lawyer Margarita Gonzales shares how she overcame her obstacles to become both pretty and powerful.

The difference of this book from Bobbi's six other previous books is that Pretty Powerful does not only discuss how-to's, makeup tips and trade secrets, but it also shares inspiring stories from the different womem featured. I can relate when Bobbi pointed out that when doing someone's makeup, you don't just do their faces and make them look beautiful. You hear what they are about and what makes them their best self and along their way, you get the privilege to hear their personal stories as well.

Seven and counting. Bobbi Brown's published books.

The world-famous makeup artist wrote this manual with a mindset that makeup should start with who you are, rather than how you look. "Makeup is a way to empower women with confidence. It’s important for women to find what products bring out their individual beauty and complements their personal style," says the makeup guru. In Pretty Powerful, women can easily find themselves within the chapters by exploring the different types of “pretty” that best reflects their personalities, styles and their looks: Pretty Natural, Pretty Radiant, Pretty Radiant, Pretty Strong, Pretty Classic, Pretty Authentic and Pretty Bold. There's a quiz you can take that will categorize you into one or two. I took the test and found out I'm more of a Pretty Strong compared to the other six Pretty Types. I'm in the process of doing different 'pretty' looks on myself and my clients, and will be posting these soon!

Bobbi also shares her secrets for striking eyes, youthful skin, pretty lips, and perfect brows for any age, skin color, or beauty type. Brimming with hundreds of stunning makeover ideas, recommendations for the best tools and products, inspiring beauty stories, and expert tips not found anywhere else, Pretty Powerful is the must-have guide for lasting beauty, inside and out.  

The newest addition in my beauty book shelf

A firm advocate of women empowerment, I happily added the Pretty Powerful bands in my growing baller bands collection, from a selected few causes I support and believe in.
Thanks Bobbi Brown Philippines for this To-Go Kit and for a copy of Bobbi's seventh book! 

I'll be posting a few looks inspired by the book using this To-Go palette and mascara in my next blog entry so stay tuned! 

Pretty Powerful by Bobbi Brown is available at all National Book Stores, Fully Booked and Powerbooks branches at P1,255.00 and internationally at