I am not one who'd rather shop online but despite the thousands of retail shops we now have in Manila, there are still some things that only the internet can offer. And with the migraine-inducing traffic we face everyday, it's only but wise to turn to online shops nowadays.There still are many people who are hesitant to buy online and I was one of them before. 

According to Superagents PH, the newest online portal where you can buy from a wide range of products and services, from gadgets, insurance, cars and real estate, here are the five perks of shopping online:

Shop at the comforts of your home. You enjoy convenient shopping from home and get to avoid that dreaded traffic and stifling heat.

Thousands of choices. You get to choose from a wide selection of brands and products. Compared to the traditional shopping at the mall, buying online gives you that freedom to check out new items or find those that you’ve been using before but are not available at your local retailer.

Cash on delivery. No credit card? No problem! Most online stores offer the cash-on-delivery option where you pay for the item you ordered when it arrives at your doorstep. You also get free delivery and returns. For purchases over P1,000, many online shops deliver your items for free. If you receive a defective item or one with missing parts, you also get to return it free of charge.

Easy products comparison. Which brand is better? A or B? With online shopping, you get to compare brands and items much easier as opposed to traditional shopping where it can be a chore shuffling to different stores.

Discounts and coupons. Online stores offer crazy discounts of up to 80% an item’s selling price. Plus, shops like Lazada and Zalora give out discount coupons worth P250 to P500 for special events or by simply subscribing to their newsletters or downloading their apps.

Also, buying online allows you to save and earn extra through cashbacks and referrals. Check out SuperAgents PH promos and policies on how to get back a portion of the money you spend!