The opening day of London Fashion Week may have been all about the new collections but more than the clothes, we beauty junkies also watch out for the hair and make-up trends. With the return of avant-garde, 3-D makeup on the catwalks, it is perhaps to be expected that new products that allow you to graft carefully shaped, intricately designed adornments directly onto your face in lieu of eye shadow and blush would be hitting the market. Face Lace, a new makeup concept from Phyllis Cohen, the seminal U.K. makeup artist who shot to fame in the eighties, debuted her collection of 15 ready-to-wear makeup designs at Corrie Nielsen’s show. Face Lace takes stick-on beauty adornment to a whole new level, with a line-up of 15 intricate ready-to-wear make-up designs ranging from modest Mini Eye Laces to more elaborate full-face designs. It brings art into the commercial beauty market to create something truly beautiful and exciting. 

I'd love to wear it, possibly more on the body than face, but nonetheless it's truly statement making. The prices are steep though, starting at £13.95. But with the convenience this brings me, as compared to spending half an hour to draw this using an eyeliner, I might reconsider getting this for a masquerade party or halloween party even! To use them couldn't be simpler: just peel off and stick on. You can't buy them 'til end of March and only in the UK. Waiting for someone to go to London and have them get me these babies!

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